Waking Materia And the Myriad Planes of the Tower-Helix Universe

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Welcome and thank you for reading. The following materials will introduce you to the diverse and mysterious world of Waking Materia, one of the largest and most cosmopolitan planes in the Greater Eridún Crux Region (GECR). It is a largely nautical world, having been subject to a mysterious catastophe known as the Deluge, where much of the plane was drowned in demon-infested brine. Nautical travel is limited and extremely dangerous: Materia’s oceans are plagued by terrible monsters and inexplicable but equally deadly weather phenomena. As the only landmasses remaining were once upland, Materia is an agriculturally sparse world with sometimes vicious clashes for resources.

As it's a drastically different place both before and after the Deluge, Waking Materia may be considered two settings in one, and that's not even including its shadowy, alien mirror and the myriad other planes scattered throughout the Void.

Protagonists may be government or trade agents probing new nautical routes on the plane's haunted, monster-infested oceans. They might be tomb raiders exploring newly-exposed ruins for great treasure, or maverick scholars unburying the secrets of Materia's extraordinary First Age. Citizens sometimes run afoul of nearby breaches in the Veil, encountering creatures only known from ancient, fictional storybooks. All too often, border peoples are caught in territorial wars. Clerics and paladins of Material Gods are increasingly forced to counter the machinations of certain Duskscape Regents.

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Introduction to Waking Materia and the Tower-Helix Universe
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