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Gleamauros, the Time

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Symbol of Autonomism by Naelin
In the religious belief of Autonomism practised in the island of Dhalmain, the universe and its inner workings are believed to have been created by the primogenial existence of Curiosity, who gave birth to the first Laws of the Universe as she started wondering about things.   The Time was the second Law of the Universe, and the first creation of Curiosity.
The Law of Time is known in the Autonomist mythos as Gleamauros.  


Masculine pronouns are used to refer to Gleamauros.   He is represented in art as a grey, silver and pale golden robust beast that is always depicted with his face pointing to the right, whose body fades into coloured vertical lines that represent the rythmic passage of time.  

Gleamauros in the Autonomist Mythos


In the Autonomist genesis, when nothing existed, there appeared the Curiosity. She, the first Law of the Universe, started wondering, and in the nothingness her first question was how did the first thought happen before the second. As an answer, Gleamauros, the Time was born.   After Alocardenas created his sister Primarite, the Space, the two saw each other and the spark of wonder raised between them, giving birth to Termomin, the Directions and Isimoje, the Dimensions.   Gleamauros, Primarite and Isimoje would go on to create Dencaza, the Physics when they wondered together how would they interact with their fourth sibling.   At the end of this myth, the first life is created, and it contains Rheshnaghty, the Intention within.
They, the last Law, eats Alocardenas and with this they keep Curiosity for themselves and makes Gleamauros and every other Law inanimate and unable to wonder new things into existance anymore.  

Relation to Primarite

Primarite by Naelin
Most depictions and many references to Gleamauros mention or contain at least a representation of Primarite, the Space, in a lot of cases showing them to be an individible couple, such as in drawings of them where they always rest over a background of the other's distinctive colours and shapes.   Primarite and Gleamauros are shown as linked and interested in each other even in references of them after losing their Curiosity.
Some scholars inside and outside the island attribute this link to an extension of their involvement in the Genesis myth, where just by looking at each other they ingited a "spark of wonder" which gave the siblings their children, while others refer to the coupling as being a reference to them being the two direct creations of Alocardenas herself, though the relationship between them is most often implied to have a romantic element.  


Those whose life was governed by the following of the rythm of the seasons and the cycles will become part of the Law of Time after their deaths.
Turning into Time allows one to join the cadence of the universe, making the seasons follow each other, turning the day into night and helping the hearts beat in rythm.   Autonomists that want to become Time ask to get their bodies preserved for as long as possible using chemicals and dissecation, in some cases becoming successfully mummified. The richest among them might request to be entombed within the walls of a famous, strong building, to be part of a long-lasting structure.  

The followers of Gleamauros


Chemistry and Time: Funerary work

Regicielo, the Chemistry
Priests of Time have a vested interest in the development and practice of advanced preservation techniques for corpses to accomodate their afterlife desires.
However, funerary work is considered to be under the patronage of Regicielo, the Chemistry, due to her association with the cycle of life and death.   Though this has lead to a certain degree of tension between the two temples, through time they have learned to work together in the advancement of the art and science of body preservation.
Many priests of Gleamauros travel to the town of Delprado to study and exchange knowledge in the Temple of Regicielo, and even hold conferences that include taxidermists, a distinct profession under the patronage of Isimoje, the Dimensions.   One of said collaborations led to the creation of a well know academic document titled "Becoming Time: Body Preservation Methods" which documents and teaches the different methods of body preservation with an aim to share the necessary considerations to achieve all kinds of goals.
Though its title is a source of some contention for followers of other Laws of the Universe, "Becoming Time" has turned into a widespread source of information well outside the Temple of Gleamauros.
It is nowadays an important reference document used by museum preparators, relic makers, taxidermists, and of course funerary workers both in Dhalmain and outside.  

Gleamauros' Teachings

Gleamauros represents patience, the cycle of growth and decay, the seasons, and rythm both in life and in art.  


Gleamauros is considered the patron of professions that rely on the keeping of a rythm or cycles, such as farming, weaving clothing, lighthouse keeping, music, poetry or singing.
Divine Classification
Law of the Universe
Circumstances of Birth
Created with the first question that existed, as Curiosity wondered how was the first thought after the second.
Related Myths
Patron of
Lighthouse keepers

Divine Symbols

A pattern of vertical lines in shades of grey and dull gold are often used to represent Gleamauros in simplified art pieces and sygils.   Art of him is often done in tinted glass, with vitreaux being common in temples and small house decorations.
Becoming Time: Body Preservation Methods
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