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Alocardenas, the Curiosity

Symbol of Autonomism by Naelin
In the religious belief of Autonomism practised in the island of Dhalmain, the universe and its inner workings are believed to have been created by the primogenial existence of Curiosity, who gave birth to the first Laws of the Universe as she started wondering about things.   She is referred to in the Autonomist mythos as Alocardenas, and is the first of the ten Curious Laws, and one of the two said to reside only inside of the living beings.
Alongside Rheshnaghty, the Intention, the two are considered the main deities of the Autonomist religion.  


Alocardenas is referred to with feminine pronouns.   She is depicted as a creature similar to the upper half of a feathery societarian, in a position of partial meditation. She is generally shown with her arms curved inwards towards her chest, with the back of her fingers touching each other, and the wing-like feathers on her arms pointing outwards.
Most importantly, she is always shown with one eye closed and one open, looking to the side.
Her half-body is shown atop a curved surface to represent the material universe, and sometimes she's shown radiating colourful auras, to represent her ability for creation.  

Alocardenas in the Autonomist Mythos


Curiosity is described in the Autonomist genesis as the first to have ever existed, and to have caused the universe to come into being concept by concept as a way to answer her questions.
The first question was how was one thought happening before the other, and with this, she created Gleamauros, the Time. She then wondered where was that time happening, and so Primarite, the Space was created.   Those were the four children of Alocardenas, and she was imbued in each of her creations, who could wonder concepts into existence. The newly created Laws of the Universe multiplied and expanded until Vhas, The World, was ready to be filled with the answer to a postponed question: Would something ever be able to defy the Laws of the Universe?   And as an answer, the first life emerged, and it had inside the last Law: Rheshnaghty, the Intention was born, and they devoured Alocardenas and took her all for themselves.
From that moment on, all of the other laws laid devoid of wonder, and were unable to create anything new anymore.  


According to the Autonomist Afterlife, those whose life and death reflected Curiosity closer than other laws will become part of Alocardenas after their death, and inspire all other living creatures.   The Dhalmanite that want to become this law join careers focused on teaching and learning, attempt to further the reaches of science, and request to have their bodies donated to science or art, becoming museum pieces, anatomy subjects for medical training, or materials for statues, pottery or painting.  

The followers of Alocardenas

Being considered one of the two main Laws of the Universe, Alocardenas is followed by most Dhalmanites, either as their main deity or alongside their patron.
Followers of Alocardenas gather through all of the Dhalmain Island, but her main temple is found in its capital, the City of Endure.  

Alocardenas' Teachings

The apprentice historian by Naelin
Priests of Alocardenas preach her story as a lesson on the incredible creative power of an inquisitive mind.
The most popular of the teachings associated with her is to ask five levels of "why" for each concept that one takes for granted, and work to find the answer to each as a means to expand the collective knowledge of the societarians.   In contrast, Alocardenas' fate is used to teach caution, and how a lack of methods and care in one's investigative endeavours can carry terrible outcomes. A proper follower of Alocardenas must prepare themselves forthe potential consequences of what they might find when they go digging for answers.  


Alocardenas is considered the patron of the sciences and all professions that pursue the acquisition or sharing of knowledge, such as philosophers, scholars, librarians, authors and teachers, among others.
Divine Classification
Law of the Universe
Circumstances of Birth
Curiosity was the first thing to exist in the universe, and appeared when nothing else was there, in the form of the first question.
Related Myths
Patron Of

Divine Symbols

In jewellery, medallions, engravings and other pieces, Alocardenas is often represented as two eyes, one closed and one open looking sideways, or less commonly with two hands curved inwards with fingers touching.   Jewellery with Alocardenas' symbols is often done in glass.
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The religion followed by the people of Dhalmain, revolving around the laws of the universe and the curiosity that they used to have

Character Portrait image: Alocárdenas by Naelín


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