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Vhas, The World

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Symbol of Autonomism by Naelin
In the religious belief of Autonomism practised in the island of Dhalmain, the universe and its inner workings are believed to have been created by the primogenial existence of Curiosity, who gave birth to the first Laws of the Universe as she started wondering about things.   The World was the eight Law of the Universe to be created, after Time, Space, Directions, Dimensions, Physics and Matter.
The Law of the World is known in the Autonomist belief as Vhas, which that expanded to all societarians as the actual world's name.  


Vhas is referred to with the "it" pronoun, being the only Law of the Universe that is referred to as if they were a lifeless thing. Despite this, it is very much considered to have had as rich of a Curiosity and animated existance as the other Laws.  

Vhas in the Autonomist Mythos


In the Autonomist genesis, when the Law of Physics, Dencaza, wondered if some day one of the laws' creations would be able to defy them, his thoughts enabled the existance of life. However, life had no shape yet, because nothing had shape yet.
As the laws noticed this, the next thought created the Flejnathry, the Matter, and they in turn created Vhas, the World.   Vhas eventually created Regicielo, the Chemistry, whom after playing for a long time wondered again the same question that Dencaza had at first. But this time, since all of the elements had in place, Life appeared in all places of Vhas.   In the end, as life was created it contained Rheshnaghty, the Law of Intention within.
They, the last Law, ate Alocardenas, the Curiosity, whose existance until then had allowed all other laws to wonder and create new things. As Rheshnaghty kept Alocardenas all to themselves, Vhas and all other Laws became forever devoid of Curiosity, and unable to wonder new things into existance anymore.  


In the Autonomist belief of the afterlife, when a societarian dies they will join the Law of the Universe that their life and death most closely represented, for which devotees of specific laws will try to lead a life that ensures they turn into their preferred deity.   Those that join Vhas in death will strenghten the bonds between the creatures, keeping pacts alive and communities thriving.   Dhalmanites who want to expand the reaches of The World may request for their bodies to become food for allied pactual creatures once they die. This is generally considered a gruesome procedure, and devoutees of The World are usually the only Dhalmanite that take part in it.  

The followers of Vhas


Vhas Teachings

Vhas represents the worldly nature of the social creatures, and the ability to form alliances, manage relationships and become well known in society.  


Vhas is considered the patron of spies, service jobs, advisors, actors, pact-keepers, translators, jesters, prostitutes, couriers and parliament members, among others.
Divine Classification
Law of the Universe
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