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Temple of Rheshnaghty

Rheshnaghty by Naelin
Autonomism, the religion of the people of Dhalmain, has the polytheist belief that the Laws of the Universe used to be autonomous individuals that were both born from and containing the first law, the Curiosity, as she started wondering about things.   The Intention was the tenth and last of the Curious Laws, born after Time, Space, Directions, Dimensions, The World, Physics, Matter and Chemistry.   Followers of the Law of Intention (Known to the Dhalmanite as Rheshnaghty) reunite in temples, the main one of which is situated in a town called Ascar in the southwest of the Republic of Dhalmain. The town increased in size with the raise in popularity of this deity, attracting both philanthropists as well as, presumably, several aspiring contact weavers.  

The Teachnings of Rheshnaghty

The cult to Intention used to be based on the reverence of the inextricable qualities of societarians and other creatures and their capacity to have intentions was seen as a weapon to be treated with solemnity and care.
This changed in the second half of the 2900 E.Alz century, after Lush Enis took leadership of the temple.   Current followers of Rheshnaghty believe they represent responsibility and drive.
Through the last century, this has been explained as the belief that Intention is a gift they should use to create and improve things since living beings are now the only ones who can wonder and create new things.
Helping and serving others is considered a sacred act, as it is a way to honour one's ability to control their actions in pursuit of betterment.   Rheshnaghty is considered the patron of therapists, warriors, healers, fertility matchmakers and contact weavers among others.  

Lush Enis

Weavers' Wool by NaelĂ­n
Lush Enis was a priestess of Rheshnaghty that started leading their temple around the decade of 2920 E.Alz.
She taught Rheshnaghty to be the giver of the "gift of intention", which should be honoured by taking it with grace and freedom and choosing a life of improvement of the self and the community.   Lush would work tirelessly to help and grow the town around her, acquiring and using favours to the point that her involvement in the Weavers' Network became an open secret, attracting attention both from the government and from older followers of Rheshnaghty that opposed her vision of the Law of Intention.   In 2965 E.Alz, Lush was captured by the Dhalmanite Parliamentary Guard and executed publicly without trial and amidst a crowd of her followers, in an attempt to dissuade weavers and revert the cult to Intention back to its old style.
This act (The only known instance of laws against contact weaving causing a weavers' execution) caused the opposite reaction as intended, cementing Lush's view into the canon of the Temple and drawing a permanent connection between the followers of Intention and the Weaver's Network.  

Connections to the Weavers' Network

It is now well known that the followers of Intention have a closer connection to the Weaver's Network than the general population, and some go as far as to say that the Temple of Rheshnaghty is an integral part of their Web.
While the devotees won't publicly admit it, it is clear to visitors that the town of Ascar is a tight-knit community that seems readily available to help get things done without asking many questions.
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The religion followed by the people of Dhalmain, revolving around the laws of the universe and the curiosity that they used to have

Rheshnaghty, the Intention
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The last of the Laws of the Universe in the Autonomist religion of Dhalmain

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