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The <REVISED> Gift of Intention

On the Dhalmanite cosmology, known as Autonomism, the origin of the universe came from the first apparition of the Curiosity, when nothing else was there. By asking itself questions, the curiosity made other concepts, laws of the universe, and eventually, things, appear to be the answer. The Curiosity's children had curiosity themselves, and so the exponential creation of new things and concepts, by virtue of generating the answer to the universe's questions.   The aggregation of new answers to the Laws of the Universe's questions led, eventually, to life, as an answer to the Law's question of whether something would ever defy them. But "life" was not the answer. Life came with its own Law of the Universe, the Intention, personified on the deity Rheshnaghty. The intention consumed Curiosity for itself and left all of the other Laws of the Universe devoid of creative power.   The Temple of Rheshnaghty teaches about the capacity of living beings to lead their lives with purpose, and call it the Gift of Intention. However, the way the Gift of Intention has been viewed by the Autonomists has changed on the last hundred years, and so did the texts, chants and teachings of Rheshnaghty's devotees.  

Rheshnaghty, the avalanche-god

200518 - Concept of intention.jpg
Rheshnaghty by Naelin
During many centuries, the Temple of Rheshnaghty (and Autonomism in general) had a pretty tough concept of the God of Intention. On the less-abstract version of the Autonomist genesis, Rheshnaghty is said to have devoured Alocardenas, the Curiosity, integrating Alocardenas' concept into themself and appropriating it. They were called the "Avalanche-god" that devours, destroys and consumes everything, and their "Gift" of Intention was considered a delicate and heavy burden that societarians (and all living beings) must take with responsibility and care, and the teachings of the Temple consisted on mastering the analysis of one's own actions, the restraint of potentially destructive behaviours, and solemnity about the capacities of living beings.
200910 - Symbol of Autonomism.png
Símbolo del Autonomismo by Naelín
Text, Religious

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Rheshnaghty, god of doing more and better

Juego de hilos.jpg
Juego de Hilos by Naelin
On 2965 E.Alz, the then leader of the Rheshnaghty Temple, Lush Enis was executed in front of her followers and neighbors, on what was the first and only execution related to charges of weaving contacts.   Lush had spent several decades teaching a version of The Gift of Intention that was very different from the mainstream one: She taught her followers to use The Gift with grace, freedom and generosity, and to guide their intention towards making the world around them better so that the people around them would do the same. She led by setting precedent and put a great deal of effort and conscious action into improving the lives and wellbeing of the people and the town around her. She was indeed a member of the Weaver's Network, an organisation of people across the archipelago whose objective is to make all folk be able to access the same kind of resources and contacts commonly only available to the powerful, and made unashamed use of her contacts and capacities to help her people get what they needed.   While her execution involved several interests, particularly maxing an example about the Weavers being dangerous and illegal, and to remove the new ideas about the Gift of Intention from the teachings of the temple, it had the exact opposite effect: The Weavers gained a better reputation with the common folk, and the cult to Rheshnaghty never came back to the idea of the avalanche-god.  

The <Revised> Gift of Intention

Since the death of Lush, all written words about the god of Intention have been shifting towards this new positive light. Ominous warnings have been removed, instructions about doing good have been added, words like "fearsome" were changed for others like "grandiose". In some cases, deep within the priest's rooms, one can find the actual revisions of the texts, full of crossed-out words, addendums and scribbles on the margins. One of these has even made its way into the public eyes.

Cover image: Banner of Rheshnaghty by Naelin


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13 Dec, 2020 15:03

This is a really interesting article!! I love all the details that went into the document, some of the quotes got a good laugh out of me. Rheshnaghty is a fascinating god too, and the art for them is incredible!

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