Symbols of power Founding of the town of Primarin

Founding of the town of Primarin



Located on the northeast coast of the Dhalmain Island, The City of Primarin was devised as a means to honour Primarite, the Law of Space in the Dhalmanite religion of Autonomism.   The town was founded in 2779 E.Alz by priests of Primarite with the purpose of honouring the Law of Space by expanding the physical space dedicated to her.
The priests chose a promising spot in the mostly uninhabited north end of the island, generally ignored by the rest of the population due to the threat of tetsus in the area, and erected the first areas of the temple in a high spot with a view of the river and coast.   These settlers brought their families and preached to Primarite's followers back in the rest of the country to follow them in their goal, offering lands, loans and help from the Temple to build and settle in the area.

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