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The Month of Burning

"Already we can see the rustling of the leaves where the Winter Teal'Jin is walking.
He will bring us fresh air to cool us down from the labour and the coals of the forge and the oven.
Let's prepare for work. The Month of Burning is coming."
— A Thaurian citizen

Don't burn out

Thaur Island
The Dhalmanite calendar, used in all of the Haan Archipelago, marks the start of the summer on the first day of the fourth month, Burning.
With this coming right after the month of Birthing, Burning is the busiest time for farmers, loaded with the rearing of their newborn livestock.   In the Thaurine tradition, though, every year most of the workforce attempts to join the farmers into making Burning into their most productive month, by ramping up the production of manufactured goods, starting a new business, piling up raw materials and setting up celebrations.   Some consider Burning as a lucky month for business, linking it to the rush of new life. Others take part out of tradition, with more or less focus on paying their respects to the farmers.   During the celebration, part of the meaning is, ironically, set on avoiding burnout. People that have a lesser workload or don't normally work much (such as kids) will try to help farmers or other kinds of workers on the difficult days, either directly with their work, or by taking responsibilities out from them by cooking their food, cleaning their homes or taking care of their children.  

After Burning

The end of Burning is celebrated traditionally with a big dinner with the members of each work team and sometimes their families. Swimming, the following month, is usually spent working the fruits of their labour, setting to sell their stockpiles of goods and materials and helping the calves and pups as they get more independent.   As Swimming ends, lots of people prepare their vacations, to coincide with the upcoming month of Resting and the end of Summer.  

The Winter Teal'Jin

20201231 - Winter TealJin.png
Winter Teal'Jin by Naelin
Night Dwellers, the most iconic mythological figure in the folklore of the islands of Thaur and Red Crest, are represented during the celebration of Burning with the Winter Teal'Jin, a creature said to appear progressively more often on the days before Burning announcing its coming with trails of fresh air.
He is said to then make brief appearances during it, filling people's chests with a rejuvenating breath of chill air, and a flash of burning passion.   People link sudden cold days in the summer to the Winter Teal'Jin, and try to work their hardest during these.
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Whole month of Burning

The Month of Burning is coming

The Winter Teal'Jin
Myth | Oct 2, 2023

A Night Dweller that announces the coming of the month of Burning with a trail of fresh air

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Author's Notes

Happy Month of Burning to everyone! I hope everyone has an amazing WorldEmber, remember to take care of your mental health, and to reset your stubs!

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