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Night Dweller

Thaur Island
The islands of Thaur and Red Crest share their culture and history in several ways, from politics to shared demography. One of the classic demonstrations of this is on their folklore, where most myths and legends surround creatures known as the Night Dwellers, beast-like creatures said to have been societarians before they turned to their mighty form thanks to a wish granted to them.   Night Dwellers are usually attributed as the reason behind unexplainable phenomena such as the Cave of the Frozen Scars and to the origin of traditions such as the working traditions for the Month of Burning.  

The Birth of a Night Dweller

Night Dwellers were said to have been created in a past where magic existed, and are invariably told to have been societarians that struggled with their condition and their identity.
They would yearn for change so much that a special pact would be offered to the societarian to get rid of their struggles and achieve their desired condition, in exchange for their past.  

A Search for Love

In one way or another, Night Dwellers searched for love. Love from their surroundings, love from others, a partner's love, love of themselves.
As newly created Night Dwellers lost their past, so did they lose their names in the process. They came to be known by some characteristic or title, but if they ever fulfilled their need for the love they searched for in a partner, they would receive a proper name that they share with their "forever one", with some small word to distinguish between both.  

Night Dweller Myths


The Winter Teal'Jin

A gigantic, elegant beast with mysterious eyes and crowned with a gorgeous pair of golden antlers is said to appear at the end of spring, during the month of Birthing, to foretell the coming of summer and the Month of Burning, the busiest month for farmers.   He will keep making appearances until the end of the month that will bring to those who see him a breath of cold air, and the flash of a burning passion in their chest.   To honour the Winter Teal'Jin, workers of all trades share the month of Burning as the busy month for business with farmers.
20201231 - Winter TealJin.png
Winter Teal'Jin by Naelin

The Storyteller Changeling

Normally shaped like a bestial version of a societarian of badger phenotype that drags a massive candle-tail, The Storyteller is said to sometimes change themselves into a disguised form in order to walk into towns and tell stories of marvellous legends to groups of kids or adults.   The Storyteller leaves trails of beautiful patterned geometric shapes with every step that lasts for a few seconds and is said to sometimes forget to completely disguise those in transformation, making people able to identify them.
20220731 - The storyteller
The Storyteller Night Dweller by Naelin

The Frozen Scar Night Dweller

Just by the source of the Vyka River in the Red Crest Islands is a cave found low inside a mountain containing a pool of an impossibly cold liquid that emits a dense white fog.
Anything that touches this liquid is instantly frozen, turning living matter into brittle chunks in mere seconds.   The pool, used nowadays for freeze branding, is said to have been created by a night dweller that lives submerged at the bottom, her body so cold that it freezes the very air around her.

The Father Stag

Legend tells of a small town with a population of mostly deer people close to a dense forest where people started having sights of a Night Dweller scouting the limits of it by night, a beast-shaped tall creature crowned with many pairs of golden antlers that crossed each other.   One day, a woman from the town confided in a friend to have met with the Night Dweller. Upon finding her, the beast shifted, adopting a societarian-like shape and stance.
The woman united with the Night Dweller that night, and from the union was born a strong, big and beautiful girl.   Far from seeing the girl as an abomination, the people of the town started seeking these unions that always birthed strong, healthy children. The legacy of these people became the Regal Stag Family that went into forming the Kingdom of Karte.
The Father stag by Naelin
20201231 - Crowned TealJin.png
Crowned Teal'Jin by Naelin
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Lesser Known Dwellers

The Crowned Teal'Jin

As per the myth of The Silent Ones, this night dweller is said to have perceived the hidden pursuits of the Winter Teal'Jin upon seeing him.
After being convinced by Evanoe of Lost Causes, he went in pursuit of Winter, offering to take care of the coals that burned in his chest.  

Evanoe of Lost Causes

This panther-faced night dweller is said to be attracted to people that are struggling to get the courage to fulfil their goals and would help them make the big step.
People in such situations sometimes lay an offering on their doorstep to ask for a surge of courage to move forwards in their life.
The Silent Ones
Myth | Nov 22, 2022

The origin of the two Teal'Jins, and how they found what they looked for.

The Month of Burning
Tradition / Ritual | Feb 21, 2022

The Thaurian tradition of accompanying farmers' workload by ramping up production at the start of summer

Cover image: Banner TealJins by Naelin


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