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The Winter Teal'Jin

In the folklore of the islands of Thaur and Red Crest, most myths relate to creatures known as Night Dwellers. These are said to have been normal, living creatures or people that had yearned for change so much that the ways opened for them to become something else, by leaving what they were behind.   In Thaur, one of the most popular myths about night dwellers is the Winter Teal'Jin, a gigantic, elegant beast with mysterious eyes and crowned with a gorgeous pair of golden antlers said to appear at the the end of spring, during the month of Birthing, to foretell the coming of summer and the month of Burning, when societarians traditionally work the hardest in the year rearing newborn livestock and producing goods with the fruits of the year's harvest.  

The Joining of the Silent Ones

As most Night Dwellers do, the Winter Teal'Jin had no real name until he joined his core with that of his partner.
He was skittish and solitary, and kept to himself until just before the month of Burning, where he would walk among the people of each town whispering spells and showing the fangs he hid behind his deer-like face.   He would make apparitions visiting the towns as if looking for something and then would retreat as the new month started, not to be seen until the following year.   In the third year of his apparitions, he was seen in the distance by a Night Dweller that had given up on his search for someone to protect. He saw then the words and pursuits that this walker hid behind his spells, his paws and his fangs, and watched with intent.
This new Night Dweller was scolded by his friend, Evanóe of Lost Causes, that used his power to convince him to get back to the hunt. On a leap of faith, the pursuer waited until the deer-faced one retreated into a forest clearing, and sprang into it, where the two towering creatures met. The myth says about their meeting:  
20201231 - Crowned TealJin.png
Crowned Teal'Jin by Naelin
"What are you searching for, Teal'Jin?" purred the beast, standing on his full height.
"An exchange" said his counterpart, opening his mouth and showing what was inside, as he closed his eyes. "Give me the coals that burn in your chest, Teal'Jin. So I can forge a crown for myself with them".
"Take care of the coals" answered the Winter Teal'Jin. "The month of Burning is coming".
  With this act, the night dwellers grew a golden pair of antlers each and found their newborn powers and names.  

The Month of Burning is Coming

Each month of Birthing, the Winter Teal'jin walks on silent paws around the woods close to towns and villages foretelling the coming of the summer, and increasing the frequency of his sightings more and more until the start of the month of Burning.
His sneaky, shadowy silhouette attracts the glances of everyone that sees him, and amidst the rising of the archipelago's temperature, he leaves a trail of misty and cold wind in his wake.
  He will keep making appearances all through Burning, that will bring to those who see him a breath of cold air, and the flash of a burning passion in their chest.  

Celebrating the Winter Teal'Jin

It is a tradition in the islands of Thaur and Red Crest to share the month of Burning as the busy month for business with farmers.
People say this is a way honour the Winter Teal'Jin that encourages people by granting fresh air and endurance to the workers. Since he is associated with waves of cold air, Thaurians traditionally try to work harder when there is an unusually cold day in the middle of the summer.
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