Good One

Good Boy / Good Girl / Good One

This article discusses relationships with Dominant/submissive dynamics.
  Some look the part, being shy, cute or generally appearing to be helpless, and they may be looking for someone to give them confidence and safety. Some perform on the rest of their lives on a totally opposite way being leaders, bosses or working stressing, heavy decision-making jobs, and are searching for a way to relax and give the command to someone else for a time.   Whichever the case, all across the archipelago you can find people that commit their life, their free time or something in between to being a good boy, good girl or good one for their Master as a Dominant/submissive relationship dynamic.
These couples exchange submission, dedication and obedience on one side for care, command and guidance on the other.   In some places such as Stunveldt this practice is hidden and kept as private, whereas others like Thaur are very open, and in the case of Red Crest, people are fighting back against morality laws to bring back their ways to explore their relationships.  

Obedience and Dedication

For a person to be regarded as a good one, playfully obeying orders isn't enough.
Dedication and attention to detail are two of the most important aptitudes of a good one, and they are expected to learn the likes and dislikes of their Masters, letting them notice these aptitudes with small gestures every day.

Commitment or stress relief

Not all submissives spend their full day playing their part of the dynamic.
in the archipelago, the title of "good one" is granted by their Master on a committed relationship, whereas those that are just exploring new things here and there are known simply as Dominants and submissives.


The act of collaring is used by some as a way to offer commitment, while for others it is as significant as proposing marriage.
Offering a collar is sometimes used by Doms as a way to propose their subs to become Master and good one, whereas Masters may grant a collar to represent that their Good One has reached the deepest level of submission, or as a way to represent an eternal bond.   While the use of actual collars is the tradition, couples sometimes replace it with other adornments such as necklaces, rings, tags, laces or piercings.
Good ones wear their collar everywhere, though in some cases they will replace their fancy original collar for a simpler "everyday" one in the day to day.

Sub Naming

Pet Naming

The use of names like "boy", "girl" or "pet" for good ones is not indicative of age or condition, but of being under the sometimes paternalistic care of their Masters.   While "good boy" is usually used for men, "good girl" for women and "good one" for neutrals, some prefer to shift this and use an entirely different set of names and pronouns while acting under the dynamic.   Some of these identify as shifting, but others do this just as a form of play and experimentation.   Additional pet names are commonly used, sometimes replacing "good one" entirely.

A Private Name

A Master will sometimes assign a sub name to their good one. This is a name used only by their Master, both as an act of intimacy and as a way to quickly indicate that they are commanding.    


As a way to show their submission, it is traditional for submissives to spell their names and titles in lower case and always write their Master's in upper case.
A Master may capitalize their name at times as a reward, to show that they have been especially good.

At the end of the day, Masters and good ones' dynamics are not very different to many other relationships out there.
With all their formalities and traditions, they still require communication, mutual support and learning to work.
Figuring out middle grounds, finding other like-minded people they can relate to and share with and learning to enjoy each other's company in the everyday routine are still huge components of their lives.
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Current Holders
Reports directly to
If done properly, the Master is not the one in control.
While an outside view of the dynamic would quickly look like the submissive is giving out all of their control, well performed dynamics will have the sub being the one with slightly more control of the situation, as they are usually the ones that establish their preferences first and the ones expected to receive the most care.   Couples sometimes walk on a delicate balance to ensure both parts have their emotional needs satisfied.
Rank/Title | Jul 12, 2022

A title earned by those committed to caring for and commanding their partner on a very special way


Author's Notes

Happy 24/07 to all who feel identified. May the three rules guide you through the best experiences and may they help you reach the deepest trust.

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