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Mourning of Vulkenar

During the year 1356 E.Alz the well-known star Vulkenar suddenly turned incredibly bright as it went supernova. 11 months later, the brightness died down leaving an empty space where the star once was.   This event, known as Glorious Vulkenar, was the biggest in the history of the Cult to the Stars, the ancient religion of the people of Ruh, whom until then believed that the stars could never die.   Since that time more than 1600 years ago, every 13th and 14th of Birthing the nation of Ruh honours the star with a celebration known as the Eve & Mourning of Vulkenar, even though the Cult to the Stars has long faded from history, and nobody has seen Vulkenar in generations.  

The Celebration

The Eve of Vulkenar

"They say there once was one more star in the sky..."
On the 13th of Birthing, the Eve of Vulkenar is celebrated in the morning by joining hands and wishing for a clear sky, just before having breakfast, as parents tell the story of Vulkenar to their kids. Later, as the sun sets, people dine with close family and friends.   If the sky is clear that night, it is considered good luck, and people set out to stargaze and to try to recognize as many stars and celestial bodies in the skies as possible.   All observatories open to the public during this night and (while closely monitored by the astronomers) the common folk are permitted to look through the telescopes.

Nothing is Granted

"On the 14th of Birthing I told a secret"
The 14th of Birthing is the proper Mourning of Vulkenar, where the celebration goes around the concept that nothing is granted.   During this day, people meet with friends and family they have not seen in a long time, do activities they are always setting out for later, or make big decisions they have been postponing due to fear. Sometimes, they would visit the tombs of their departed loved ones.   People are encouraged to remind others of their love and appreciation and to say things they were holding on their chests, while being especially compassionate about others that are doing the same.
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