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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a festival associated with a celestial body
A total of 545 entries

Night of a Thousand Tears

Triple Lunar EclipseBarebones

Spirit and Phantom Festivals

Don't Wash Us Out, Heyo

Festival of the Barrier's Rising

Apollonian Games - The Sun comes out to play

The Festival of the Moon and Sun

Day of Light Returning.- Prompt #10 Festival associated with a celestial body

Winter and summer solstice celebrations

Seren Seathu: Das Fest der gefallenen Sterne

The Blessing of Amias the Golden

Ëpàrìstèye kèn Àntrötrelis

The Meeting of the Wind and Sea

Gaelach Lán- The Festival of New Dawn

Return of the great Sword of the Sky

The Lunar Festivals of Sagadorm {WASC 2021}

The Maidenfall & Vernal Restoration

794.II, 8 Meoii: the Day of the Dead in Lanten

Hepeth's Full Moon Celebration

Lorlundian Most Celestial Contest

The Dark Above Appeasement

The Festival of The Lovers Moons

Human Sacrifice at Solla's Festival

The Falling Stars Festival

Honoring Erimos: A ritual of Refugees By Mika Tsuki

Winter Solstice Celebrations in Enarion

Extinguishing of the Hearths

The Lunar Celebration of the Great Cat Goddess

Convention of Tor'khan aka Tor'khan Con.

Prayers against the Invader Stars

Samhain - Pleiades Star Cluster

Willkommenstes der Erwählten

Revelation Day, the Epiphany

Celebration of the warmest day

The Celestial Family Jubilee

The Purification Festival of Blood and Soul

The Forgotten Festival of the Great Double Full Moons

The Festival of the Two Moons

Prompt 10: Red Moon Harvest

Tsuyu New Moon for Lovers, Family, and Friends

Le festival de l'extension

The gift to The Dark Queen

The Annual Celebration of Captain Montgomery 'T-Bird' Ozark

Crronning's Comet Eclipse Extravaganza

Umber Shadow Festivities {English}

Dalawang Buwan Festival: Two Moons Festival

The astral rendezvous -in progress-

The Jubilation of the Star of Juruun

The Binding of a Starbound Night

Star-Light Festival/Winter Solstice

Drahkun's Day - Midsummer Moon

Ashan'shar: The Darkstar Festival

The 13th Lunar Month Festival

Oyashirin, The Hidden Moon Ceremony

Southern Mark Ship Festival

Wt'kroiya T'krauweru: Annual Explosion

A Sárkány holdjának ünnepe

Hemolef Blood Moon Transit

The Illumination of Minerva

Seris Festival of the Moon Goddess

The Glorious Celestial Sisters Festival

The Day of Fallen Moon Festival