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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a festival associated with a celestial body
A total of 556 entries

The Fey Moon Festival

Autumn Lunar Festival

Feast of the New Moon

The Northern Passing

Feast of the Blessed Hunter

The Alignment and Reconciliation

Midsummer celebrations

Festival del Ojo Divino

Year's End in Silara

Eiraose Full Moon Festival

Night of a Thousand Tears

Triple Lunar EclipseBarebones

Terethyn's Rising

Moondance Festival

The Visitors' Night

Karp Town Fishing Festival

The Festival of Lights

Festival das Lanternas

Sky March of the Iyntali

Spirit and Phantom Festivals

Festival of Reunion

Conjunction of the Qu'arlë

Midsummer Festival

Das Fest des wachsenden Mondes

Festival of the Lunar Spire

Don't Wash Us Out, Heyo

Changing of the Moon

Svetsus, the Festival of Light

Wanfaer Festival of Life

Fête de Lune/Sol; Champ de Lune/Sol

Festival of the Barrier's Rising

Night of the Ever Dark

The Sleeping Month

Apollonian Games - The Sun comes out to play

The Festival of the Moon and Sun

Silver Bridge Festival

The Harvest Festival

Great Moneyyan Eclipse

Day of Light Returning.- Prompt #10 Festival associated with a celestial body

Night of Shining Trees

Winter and summer solstice celebrations

Golden Moon Festival

Week of high Tides

The Feast of Ascension

Festival of Falling Stars

Seren Seathu: Das Fest der gefallenen Sterne

Mourning of the Mother

The Blessing of Amias the Golden

Festival of Wreaths

Glow Harvesting Festival

The Day of Dark Waters

Feast of the Dead Moon

Festival des deux lunes

Hiraethien Aureates

Festival of Words

The Awakened Death

The Lunar Festival

Selaro "High Summer"

The Festival of the Mother

On-Year's Commencement

The Hakkon Howling

Ëpàrìstèye kèn Àntrötrelis

The Lightsky Festival

Festival of the Gazirad

The Year of the New Moon

The Silence of Ïllume

Festival of the Heavenly Spirits

Mourning of Vulkenar

Festival of Ædean Paths

Arbor Eclipse street festival.

The Rite of the Third Moon

The Meeting of the Wind and Sea

Gaelach Lán- The Festival of New Dawn

Festival of the Dark Angel

The Festival Of Florals

Harvest Moon's Jubilee

Feast of High Tide

Festival of the Thawing

Return of the great Sword of the Sky

Summer's End Star-Chase

Festival of the Long Dark

Lords of the Seas Festival

The return of the sun

Blessing of the Community

Blessed Stars Festival

The Lunar Festivals of Sagadorm {WASC 2021}

The Maidenfall & Vernal Restoration

The Festival of the Tartuga

Half Moon Wednesday

Change of Elements

Festival of Acceptance

794.II, 8 Meoii: the Day of the Dead in Lanten

Festival of Ettir

Star Lines Festival

Hepeth's Full Moon Celebration

The 6 Hours of life And Death

Night of the Moon Festival

La Veillée lunaire

Heliads Fire Festival

Lorlundian Most Celestial Contest

Regeneration ritual

Soleris Festival

The Moon Setting Festival

Festival of The Veil

Festival of Stars

The Dark Above Appeasement

Sheilding Sunna: A Winter Solstice Myth and Celebration

Festival of Rebirth

Ilro life celebration

Dark-Moon Festival

Festival of the blind scales

Njóraat Dlá Festival

Festival of Reflection

The Moonlight Gala

The Festival of The Lovers Moons

The Festival of the Crow

The Day of Fallen Stars

Festival of Fiery Stars

Tearfall's Reclusion

The Blinking of the Outer Eye

The Festival of the Five Moons

é kűselcsz kűkénge

Festival of the Dawn Father

Human Sacrifice at Solla's Festival

Solstitia's Radiance

The Spiral Moongate

The Falling Stars Festival

Honoring Erimos: A ritual of Refugees By Mika Tsuki

The Festival of Ascension

Feasts of the Luna Twins

Tercel Triad Syzergy Festival

Dreamers' Night Festival

The Sun's Mosaic

Grand Alignment Festivals

Sianhail, das Sonnenfest

The Festival of Twilight

The Eve of the New Moon

Dance for the Cruxi

Festival of Aitnesuza

The Raven's festival

Festival of Lugeas

Festival of the Dark Suns

Winter Solstice Celebrations in Enarion

Extinguishing of the Hearths

The Lunar Celebration of the Great Cat Goddess

Convention of Tor'khan aka Tor'khan Con.

Festival of the Black Solstice

Breach of the Sea Dragon

The Northern Star Festival

The Red Star Festival

Prayers against the Invader Stars

Festival of Remission

Samhain - Pleiades Star Cluster

The Scarlet Star Jubilee

Willkommenstes der Erwählten

Revelation Day, the Epiphany

Celebration of the warmest day

The Days of the Sister

Bright Moon Crossing Festival

The 7 Tribes Demons' Festival of Kazteferin

The Vvenish Eclipse.

The Central Solar Set Alignment

Festival of Aozruleh

Feast of First Blood

Moonrise Tidal Rites

The Festival of Respite

Coranite Land Party

Rockpile Gathering

The Merging of the Moons

Spring Wind Festival

Scales Nebula festival

Billionaires on a Boat

Winter's Wane Festival

The Celestial Family Jubilee

Dance of the Fire Lord

Thwarting The Necromancer

Suntak Celebrations

The Purification Festival of Blood and Soul

Las lluvias de plata

Child Sending to the Mother

The Forgotten Festival of the Great Double Full Moons

Evanescet Caelum festival

Festival of Lost Heavens

The Festival of the Two Moons

Lunar Conjunction Festival

The Feast of Suffitiel

Prompt 10: Red Moon Harvest

Night of the Second Sun

Tsuyu New Moon for Lovers, Family, and Friends

The Passing of Yaanshidd

La mascarada a Ceri

Le festival de l'extension

Hidden Kaleana Festival

The All-Night Feast

The Day of Dev Miracles

The gift to The Dark Queen

Blue Moon Festival

The Festival of Renodus's Heart

The Annual Celebration of Captain Montgomery 'T-Bird' Ozark

Ploughing and Feasting

Festival of the Light

Opening the Penumbra

Silent Watcher Initiation rite

Festival of the Forgotten Realm

Crronning's Comet Eclipse Extravaganza

Feast of Lathander

The Eternal Night

The Festival of Eternity

Umber Shadow Festivities {English}

Night of the Twilight Rider

The Apocalypse Prevention Party

The Green Jamboree

The Festival of the Moon

Dalawang Buwan Festival: Two Moons Festival

Festival of Angelous Star

Festival of the Moon

Sun & Moon Festival

The Red Shadow Festival

The astral rendezvous -in progress-

The Jubilation of the Star of Juruun

New Moons Celebration

The Two Moons Festival

Festival of Tiamatu's Rain

Feast of the Dark Moon

Sanctuary of the Spirits

The Changing of the Crown

When Two Become One

Celestial Mahrajan of Nature

The blood moon celebration

The Festival of Crossing Moons

Festival of the Rhino

The Binding of a Starbound Night

Festival of Community

Rite of the Silver Sun

The Rite of Passing

Star-Light Festival/Winter Solstice

Newborn bleesing

Dance of the Sisters

Festival of the Summer Sun

The Time of Rebirth

Ascent of the Lights

The Eclipse Festivals

The Twilight Festival

Drahkun's Day - Midsummer Moon

Ashan'shar: The Darkstar Festival

Sun-in-the-Cat Festival

The 13th Lunar Month Festival

St. Aurilea's Festival

Lunar Harvest Festival

Drying the Eyes of the Goddess

Oyashirin, The Hidden Moon Ceremony

Southern Mark Ship Festival

Under Her Watchful Gaze

Night of the Moonlance

Wt'kroiya T'krauweru: The Annual Explosion

The Night's Sun Festival

Sointrare "The Moon Dance"

Daybreak Festival

The Holy Mother's Zenith

The Sea Solstice

The Observance of the Burn

Skogens Förfädernas Dag

The Final March Festival

A Sárkány holdjának ünnepe

Elovisian Independence Day

Nodvragoda's Summer Festival

The Samerine's Funeral

Hemolef Blood Moon Transit

Bleeding Prometheus

The Illumination of Minerva

Seris Festival of the Moon Goddess

Festival of confessing one's sins

The Festival of Convergence

Day of Father’s Star

Torõrutsuki Festival

Night of the Brightest Star

The Glorious Celestial Sisters Festival

The Lunar Raiding Festival

The Spring Bells Ceremony

Festival of the High Moon

Winter Moon Festival

The Day of Fallen Moon Festival

Moonpoint Gathering

Dance of the Fireflies

The Blue Moon Festival