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Moonrise Tidal Rites

Dalgari is not an important deity in the daily lives of most Scaraquans but he does put the tides into motion and the tides are important in the daily lives of most Scaraquans.   Every full moon rise, at various places throughout Scaraqua, Dalgari's small priesthood will stage ceremonial plays chronicling major Scaraquan events that Dalgari was apart of.   Usually these locations are very near the surface or even just above the surface of the water, leading many Scarterrans to tell tales of Scaraquans rising from the sea during the full moon.   There are a tiny number of temples dedicated to Dalgari deep under the sea, and these locations have deep water reenactments similar to those above.

Components and tools

Usually the performers wear ceremonial masks to play the role of Dalgari and other divine figures but if the local priesthood is larger and/or better funded than usual, they might have full costumes with multiple performers in them (like a Chinese parade dragon costume in the real world).


Very few lay people attend these plays regularly but most Scaraquans make it a point to go to at least one such play at least once a year, or perhaps once every other year.   While these observances occur every lunar month, in some places it is traditional for members the upper class to attend these ceremonies at a specific point each year. On these nights, the priests and priestesses facilitating these plays often up their game and bring more actors, props, and musicians which only serves to draw even larger crowds.


The rights are observed every lunar month, starting at dusk on the night of the full moon.
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