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the moon and the tides

Astute observers have noted that when the moon is in the full or new moon phases, the tides are more severe than when the moon is in between phases. There is much debate on why       Some crackpot "scientists" speak claptrap about the moon and the sun having "gravitational forces" creating the tides and that when the moon is full or new the sun and moon are both pulling the same direction (creating severe tides) and when the moon is in between phases the sun and moon pull in opposite directions (creating mild tides). Poppycock. There is no such thing as "gravitational forces." Things fall down, they don't get pulled in every direction!       Most Scarterrans believe that battles between earth and water elementals during the Second Unmaking have created echo effects. Along every coastline the earth and sea are symbolically reenacting the historical fights between earth and water elementals. The moon is not directly involved.   Depending on whom you ask, the moon seems to correspond to the cycle of the tides because Zarthus set the moon that way to claim credit for the tides. This is the official teaching of the Masks of Phidas who hate to give Zarthus credit for anything.   Others state that the elemental forces are always present but the inherit magic of the moon will feed the elemental forces thus make the tidal effect observed more or less severe based on the the phase of the moon. In this way Zarthus is partially responsible for the cycle of the tides.       Scaraquans know better. They know that Dalgari (Zarthus) is very smitten from their first meeting their very first meeting. with Taedi (Greymoria) but Taedi does not reciprocate Dalgari's affections. Taedi only swims into the sky to visit Dalgari when she wants something from him. Despite this Taedi always promises she will come back "soon" and Dalgari falls for it every time, relighting his silver torch every 28 days so she can find him easier.   When the moon is full Dalgari is optimistically wading into waters of the Sea calling out her name, expecting Taedi to be just around the bend. When the moon is new, Dalgari enters the waters of Sea to shout his anger at Taedi for spurning him saying he will never relight his torch for her (though he always does.) Either way, when Dalgari enters the waters of Sea, his movement stirs things up and makes the tides more severe. The ocean continues to shake afterwards which is why lesser ties persist between the new and full moons.       Another story is told, that the few Scaraquans aware of believe was stolen from them and had the major players changed because Scarterrans do not believe that Zarthus could ever romantically fall for Greymoria. Most Scarterrans believe that Zarthus is pining after Mera. Mera has very complicated feelings for Zarthus and her love blows hot and cold. When she gives her affections to Zarthus fully, his face shines bright on the full moon. Mera, goddess of the sea reaches out towards the sky creating severe tides.   Eventually, Mera tires of Zarthus and begins to spurn him. Zarthus' face, the moon grows dim with disappointment until Zarthus turns his face from Mera entirely, at the point of the new moon. Mera changes her tune and calls Zarthus back, reaching out to Zarthus as the sea reaches out to the sky again creating severe tides.


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