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Mera Stats in brief

Mera “the All Mother,” “Fire Tamer” “The Soft One”   Formal Name: Mera Enosha   Alignment: Neutral Good   Godly Nicknames: The All Mother, the Fire Tamer, the Soft One   Priests’ Nickname: Tenders of the Sacred Hearth, Short form, Tenders   Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff   Symbol: A small enclosed flame floating on the water.   Favored Magic: Healing , Protection, Purification   Divine Trophy: A comb forged from Turoch's liver. The comb removes poisons and corruption. A lot of Mera's devout followers have a symbolic comb in their hair at all times.   Primary Dominion : The Sea   Primary Gift to Mortals: Control over fire     Synopsis: Mera loves all living beings and abhors violence. She provides healing and succor to those who need it when she can. She promotes strong close-knit communities as the best way to provide for the basic welfare of everyone. She promotes tolerance between all people, regardless of their differences. She manages the sea and helps mortals use it safely and derive sustenance from it. She is also said to have taught mortals to tame fire, providing the hearths for family’s to use a physical center to their home lives.   Priests and Primary Followers: She is the most commonly worshiped deity by the peasant classes with a very large number of fairly modest temples. Most temples tend to identify themselves as Terrawans or Walchese. Two sects with different broad religious interpretations of Mera's will. The two groups usually get along but they rely a lot of ritualized formalities. New priests are recruited primarily from their lower class flocks, usually offered into the priesthood’s service as young children.   Common Times to Invoke her Name: Mera is commonly prayed to before leaving on a sea voyage. She is often prayed to for recovery from injury or illness. She is also prayed to for familial harmony, both in day-to-day and during major milestones likes births and weddings.   Basic Tenets: -Cherish your family and community.   -Recognize that all beings are part of a greater community.   -Protect those who need it.   -Be generous to all, especially to those in great need.   -Water is essential to all life, ensure that is used well.     Mera’s Portfolio includes but is not limited to: Sea travel, fishing, purification, drinking water, protection, community, peace, medicine, family, hearth fires, inter-group cooperation, gnomes, foe to the undead
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