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(Stamina + Hearth Wisdom)   ● Detect poisons, curses, disease, or undead. Undead can resist detection with Willpower if they have that trait. This level of power can also prevent but not cure infection. Range is 25 yard radius per success rolled.   ●● Purify contaminants from food and drink, clean an area, slow the progress of serious poison, cure minor poisons like alcohol. Remove hexes causing temporary die penalties. Subjects can be magically vaccinated to get -1 difficulty break on Stamina rolls to resist disease and poison for one hour per success. Range is touch.   ●●● Cure all but the most serious diseases. Cure non-magical poisons. Cure magically afflicted blindness and deafness. Remove long term penalizing magical hexes. Purge enchantment spells and mind control. Range is touch.   ●●●● Cure extremely serious diseases such as cancer or lycanthropy as well as magically potent poisons. Nullify major enchantments such as petrification. Dispel ongoing spells.   Range is touch for cures and line of sight for dispelling magic.   ●●●●● Suppress or even completely overcome supernatural Flaws. Temporarily suppress abilities of permanent magical items. In most cases effects are suppressed for one day per success. Immunize subjects against mind control for one hour per success. Immunized subjects get a -3 difficulty break on saving throws versus transmutation and poison effects as well.   Range is touch.

Turning Undead

    Characters can roll Charisma + Purification to turn undead. This opposed by the target’s Willpower if the undead is free willed. Most undead with no free will cannot resist turning at all. Some undead have Turn Resistance which is bonus dice to their Willpower (or if not free willed takes the place of Willpower).     Successes over Undead   One Success: Undead loses remaining actions for this turn and next turn. Undead target cannot dodge or parry but is not treated as helpless.   Two Successes: As with one success. Subsequent rounds the Undead has one-die penalty on all rolls as long as undead turner is within Charisma x 10 yards   Three Successes: As with one success. Subsequent rounds the Undead has two-dice penalty on all rolls as long as undead turner is within Charisma x 10 yards   Four Successes: As with one success. Subsequent rounds the undead flees away from turner as fast as it can for the turner’s Charisma x 10 minutes. Also suffers a two-die penalty to all rolls, no minimum distance.   Five Successes: As with four successes but undead takes an unsoakable level of aggravated damage. Undead without free will can be paralyzed in place in lieu of fleeing if the turner prefers but the paralyzing effect stops the second he stops actively turning.   Additional Successes: Every success above five adds two levels of unsoakable aggravated damage to the undead in question.   Characters expend mana equal to half the number of succeses

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