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The All Mother, The Fire Tamer Mera Enosha (a.k.a. The Soft One)

Mera is the spiritual embodiment of positive femininity embodying the literary archetype of the benevolent mother.

Divine Domains

Mera’s Portfolio includes but is not limited to: Sea travel, fishing, purification, drinking water, protection, community, peace, medicine, family, hearth fires, inter-group cooperation, gnomes, foe to the undead

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Varies, but symbols are commonly a mix of fire and water such as a hearth fire floating on the water or a flame enclosed by water.

Tenets of Faith

-Cherish your family and community.   -Recognize that all beings are part of a greater community.   -Protect those who need it.   -Be generous to all, especially to those in great need.   -Water is essential to all life, ensure that is used well.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Mera is deeply compassionate and cares for all living mortals, even those who are opposed to her.   While she would never admit it, Mera does show favoritism to Mera worshipers such as gnomes and kalazotz.   Mera hopes to establish peace, community, and friendship as far as possible. To win a moral point, she especially likes to convert enemies into her followers and worshipers. The kalazotz represent her greatest success essentially flipping a large portion ofGreymoria monstrous children towards the light.


Contacts & Relations

Most of the Nine define their relationship to the other deities based on what they did during the Divine Rebellion against Turoch . Mera is no exception. During the Divine Rebellion she put almost all of her efforts towards shielding as many souls as possible from the fighting. These souls would later be what the Nine would draw on to repopulate Scarterra  with new mortals later.   Mera is a very compassionate entity. When another deity is helping make mortals’ lives better, Mera is on their side. When the other deities are spreading misery and pain, Mera is opposed to them. Mera has never stopped trying to protect mortals. She is pained by the loss of single life, the loss of a single soul. It is nearly impossible for Mera to willingly sacrifice one mortal to save a hundred.   Hallisan and Zarthus are both romantic rivals for Mera’s affections. Mera shares a value of wanting to help good people in common with both of them, but she finds their zealousness to punish evil doers distasteful. Hallisan's and Zarthus' mortal minions often protect Mera’s mortal minions without being asked, and Mera finds this more than a little patronizing.   Korus and Mera usually get along. Like most of the goddesses, Mera secretly pines for Korus, but Korus doesn’t like her that way, at least not often. It is rumored that Mera is secretly Korus' favorite goddess, assuming Korus is able to even show this kind of favoritism at all. The biggest point of contention with him is that nature is often harsh and unforgiving, and so is Korus. Mera prefers a more pastoral peaceful wilderness and Korus does not always provide this embracing both the calm and harsh aspects of nature equally.   Khemra and Mera get along fairly well. Mera thought the the Compact gave the evil gods too much leeway, and that is the main point of contention between them. If evil succeeds when good people do nothing, Mera views Khemra as a divine embodiment of a good person doing nothing. Mera will probably not admit it, but she secretly appreciates the stability that Khemra strives for. Stability usually means safety and peace…usually.   Mera is somewhat envious of Nami's free spirited nature and appreciates the freedom and beauty she embodies. Much like Korus, Nami has a very harsh side to her personality as well as a kind side. Nami sometimes is pretty careless about spreading misery and pain unintentionally both through her chaotic followers and through random shifts in inclement weather.   Mera may value stability, but Phidas' version of stability is not something Mera appreciates. She finds his brand of order horrifying. She believes the greed and covetousness Phidas encourages among mortals to be a cause of much suffering.   It’s a very close race to see whether Mera dislikes Maylar  more or dislikes Greymoria more. For her part, Greymoria certainly loathes Mera. In terms of sheer numbers, Mera has the most mortal worshippers and Greymoria has the fewest. Greymoria is bitter and jealous and lashes out at Mera’s followers at every opportunity. Whereas Greymoria wants to thwart Mera, Maylar's minions probably kill more of Mera’s followers than Greymoria's do. Maylar believes that the strong should dominate or destroy the weak and Maylar believes Mera’s followers are very weak.

Mera in Scaraqua

  In Scaraqua Mera is commonly referred to as Enosha. Enosha is one of the Seeyirah, the daughters/sisters of the Sea, one of the three primary deities in the lives of most Scaraquans.   Enosha is a little bit more aggressive and proactive than Mera, but she still retains her benevolent nature. She wants to spread community, peace, and joy throughout the waters. Enosha is generally in favor of bringing Scarterrans and Scaraquans closer together through trade and fellowship. Much as Scarterrans view Mera as a benevolent but somewhat Pollyanna sea goddess, Scaraquans view Enosha as a benevolent but somewhat Polyanna land goddess.   Enosha is associated commonly with sea mammals: whales, dolphins, seals, among others. Creatures that live in the sea but stick near the surface because they still breathe air. She is also associated with sea turtles and salmon, sea creatures that lay their eggs in Scarterra. The list is non-exhaustive. A wide variety of sea creatures are likely to be associated with Enosha. As far as Scarterrans know, all sea creatures are associated with Mera.   Enosha is the most popular deity among most merfolk but most Merfolk hedge their bets and are staunch polytheists. Enosha is not particularly popular among karakhai or astakalians but these groups are rarely hostile to Enosha . Ojiongo are often hostile to Enosha, but they usually try to be subtle about it.
Divine Classification
Neutral Good
Current Location
Aligned Organization

Mera in Scarnoctis

  Mera is a bit player underground. Mera/Enosha invests so much of her power in Scarterra and Scaraqua that Scarnoctis is basically an afterthought for her.   Her favored agents underground are the kalazotz and even then she is subtly pushing her adopted children to explore above ground more.

Articles under Mera

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