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Divine Trophies

Shortly after Turoch was slain, Maylar ripped out Turoch's heart and forged into a mighty spear.  This was the first divine trophy or tool of power.  This is why spears are commonly included in Maylar's iconography and a lot of Testers favor spears as their primary weapon.   Mera took Turoch's liver and crafted it into a comb that removes poison and disease.  While not universal, many of Mera's Tenders keep an stylistic comb in their hair as a sign of peity.   Korus took one of Turoch's arm and fashioned it into a flail.  While Korus' followers are more likely to wield flails in combat than others, this symbol is not as commonly used as most of the other eight Divine Trophies.  Most Stewards prefer iconography based on plants.   Nami fashioned Turoch's hair into a sack, the prototype of all Bags of Holding.  This symbol is not as commonly used as most of the other eight Divine Trophies, but given that the Rovers travel so much they are said to keep all their possessions in a single sack.   Greymoria fashioned Turoch's skull into a helmet of darkness and invisibility (inspired by Hade's Helm in Ancient Greek mythology).  This helmet is rarely invoked in Greymoria's iconography because none of her Children agree on what the helmet looks like.     Khemra forged a shield out of Turoch's eyes.  Nearly all of Khemra's militant Keepers carry a shield with a gold sun icon on them.   Zarthus forged a rapier out of Turoch's spinal cord.  Most military trained Lanterns are proficient in fencing.   Hallisan shaped one of Turoch's legs into a battle axes.  Many Guardians wield battle axes and battle axe iconography is common in Hallisan temples.   Phidas fashioned a large portion of Turoch's skin into a mask to hide his ruined face that Turoch injured.  By far, Phidas' trophy is most iconic to his priesthoods who nearly always wear a mask while on duty.  His core followers are even nicknamed Masks.
More Trophies?   Not all of Turoch's body parts were fashioned into trophies. The rest of Turoch's body is assumed to have diffused into The Void   Many believe that the Second Unmaking was caused when a foolhardy elf king ventured into the Void looking for a piece of Turoch to forge into a weapon or tool and become a god.   Some people are still trying to reenact this foolhardy plan, they are called Trophy Seekers

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