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Maylar stats in brief

Maylar “Last One Standing” “the Kindly One” “The Scourge”   Alignment: Chaotic Evil   Priests’ Nickname: Testers of Strength. Short form, Testers.   Favored Weapon: Spear   Common Symbol: A hand holding a blood soaked spear   Divine Trophy: A Spear forged from Turoch's heart.   Primary Dominion over Nature: Disease and Decay   Primary Gift to Mortals: Hunting and animal husbandry.   Favored Magic: Animal, Hexing, Wrath   Synopsis: Maylar strongly believes that whatever does not kill mortals makes them stronger. If something does kill them they probably didn’t deserve to live anyway. With the death of the weak, the cycle is renewed and the strong benefit. Maylar believes strongly in testing mortals frequently to make them stronger. Maylar is said to be the ultimate origin of all diseases. Maylar promotes conflict between the various races and peoples, but also encourages mortals to succeed at physical challenges of other sorts. Many cultures claim Maylar was the father of hunting and animal husbandry.   Priests and Primary Followers: The stereotypical Maylar priest is a chaplain to a violent marauding force. The most feared Maylar priests act as subversive agents serving to aggressively “test the strength” of populations that seem to have gotten soft. A growing number of relatively benign Maylar priests have cropped up in very harsh areas where they provide support to those whose hardiness meets their approval. Temples are rare and most priests are iterant. They are generally free to recruit whomever they wish and indoctrinate them as they fit. Those who survive by violence often worship Maylar primarily. Herders and hunters tend to worship Maylar often (along with other deities). Maylar is also commonly worshipped by those who view themselves as hardy and self-sufficient.   Common Times to Invoke his Name: Maylar is called the Kindly One because it is feared that by insulting him one invites disease. He is often prayed to for mercy from illness. His name is also invoked occasionally before beginning a physical challenge or after completion. It is said that if someone dedicates a difficult physical task to Maylar after completion that the person will be free of disease for at least a year if the deed meets his approval.   Basic Tenets: -Test the limits of your strength and those of others.   -Elevate yourself by any means necessary, and never grow complacent regards to your own strength.   -Those who can endure your testing will become stronger, those who cannot endure it should serve those who can in some way.   -If the weak cannot be used, destroy them. Thus the cycle of life can be renewed.


  Under the sea, Maylar is known as "Bellusk, the Mother of Sharks". The Karakhai are the most fervent worshipers of Bellusk Many Toothed Mother. Very few Scaraquans who are not Karakhai worship Bellusk, but that’s fine. The Karakhai are numerous and strong. Bellusk is a little bit less belligerent than Maylar. Merfolk can generally reason with the Karakhai somewhat more easily than humans can reason with orcs and considerable easier than with dabeshi.
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I haven’t figured out the details, but Maylar is probably going to be a middle tier god underground. Most of the bad guy creatures underground are of the sneaky, scheming sort rather than the brute force sort, so Maylar is probably going to be a bit more subtle and less direct than Maylar and Bellusk are in Scarterra and Scaraqua respectively.

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