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Hexing Version 1

(Manipulation + Theology/Engimas)   In most cases the caster has to announce loudly and dramatically that he is bestowing a curse. If the caster wants to create a hex effect quietly, the difficulty goes up by +2 stacking with penalties for silent casting if the caster chooses not to speak at all. This +2 penalty for subtle casting can be avoided if the hexer has some fresh blood, a hair clipping or piece of clothing or possession of the target.   ● Bestow minor curse on a single target, opposed against the Willpower of said target.   Net successes over defender   One: +2 difficulty all rolls attempted for the next three turns Two: +3 difficulty all rolls attempted for the next three turns +2 penalty for full scene, Three+:+1 penalty until sunrise or sunset whichever comes first.   ●● Curse inflicts bad luck (+1 difficulty on all dice rolls) for one day per success.   ●●● Inflict a serious but recoverable disease or cause bad luck like before but with a duration of weeks instead of days.   ●●●● Curse inflicts a serious disease that involves a permanent loss of one attribute per success based on the nature of the curse even if the subject survives and recovers. This can be reversed with Purification ●●●●.   ●●●●● Subject suffers a permanent curse of some kind based on the personality of the target and the caster. The curse can only be lifted via a quest.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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