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Turoch is the primordial god who created the known universe of Scarterra. Turoch created the universe as a soul farm to feed his endless hunger. Eventually, Turoch grew too fat and lazy to feed himself so he created ten servants to manage things for him. Turoch crafted all of his servants with widely different outlooks thinking that this would prevent them from being able to unite against him.   Turoch was wrong, nine out of ten of his servants defeated Turoch in the Divine Rebellion and took over the management of Scarterra becoming the Ninethe Nine also carved up Turoch's corpse and forged pieces of him into weapons and tools known as the Divine Trophies    The tenth servant that stayed loyal to Turoch was destroyed by the Nine. Turoch's Tenth servant is known as The Traitor.
Divine Classification
slain god
unknown but widely assumed to be male


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