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the Nine

The nine deities that rule over Scarterra are called, the Nine. The Nine overthrew their tyrannical creator Turoch to both save all mortal souls and to save themselves in a cosmic war known as the Divine Rebellion. After Turoch's  death, each of the Nine fashioned a piece of Turoch into a tool or weapon which became a symbol of their power. These items are often called the Divine Trophies.   Before the Divine Rebellion , the Nine established the Compact, an agreement on how the Nine would divide up management of the natural world and how they would apportion worshipers.   Deities have been bending and even breaking the tenets of the Compact almost before Turoch's body had cooled. The main aspect of the Compact that held up over time, was the establishment of the Dominions. Each Dominion encompasses a large portion of the natural world and each of the Nine has jurisdiction over one Dominion.   Originally the Nine were to split all worship equally nine ways but Nami bestowed all mortals with free will so they could choose to worship or not as they saw fit. This was the first of the divine Gifts. Others eventually followed Nami's suit and gave mortals knowledge and tools in order to win their praise.   The Nine rarely exercise their power against the mortal plane directly. They tend to use mortal divine casters or Spirits to act as their proxies.   The Nine can empower mortals to utilize a portion of the Nine's innate magic. These divine spell casters are either theurgists or favored souls. Favored souls are born with their divine power and theurgists unlock divine power through training, prayer, and meditation. The end result of the magic wielded by theurgists and favored souls is near identical.   In order of the Zodiac the names of the Nine are.    


Tester Icon by me


Crude icon for Tenders of the Hearth by Me


Crude draft of Stewards Icon by me


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Basic Greymoria Symbol 1 by Me using a combination of Nightcafe and MS Paint


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Crude Lantern Icon by Me


Guardian Icon by me


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The icon with the circle and nine arrow shafts piercing it is the most common symbol on Scarterra that represents the Nine collectively.   The circle in the middle being attacked represents Turoch's defeat.
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