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the Nine's multiple names

In most cultures commoners have one name and nobles have two names.  The Nine  are said to have four names (at least).   The first name is the name most worshipers commonly associated with them.     Maylar   Mera   Korus   Nami   Greymoria   Khemra   Zarthus   Hallisan   Phidas     The second name is widely known but seldom used. Mainly the name is used very formal religious observances, major holidays and sometimes weddings ,funerals, and baptisms,     Maylar Bellusk   Mera Enosha   Korus Mubete   Nami Kontona   Greymoria Taede (Tay-dee)   Khemra Heekma   Zarthus Dalgari   Hallisan Mangcha   Phidas Resona     Middle and high ranking priests and priestesses of the Nine learn their deities third name. In a way this will make a prayer or supplication more poignant and likely to be listened to.   The third names are in theory secret but these secrets have been exposed before, so it is possible for a Scarterran to learn these names if they look hard enough.   Legend is that the Nine have a fourth name, a True Name. Supposedly the Nine's True Names represent the names given to them by Turoch himself. Some legends say a mortal that learns one of the Nine's True Names can force a boon from them, others say that it will just direct the deity to destroy the upstart.

The Nine's Names in Scaraqua

  In Scaraqua the Nine's first and second names are inverted with the Scarterran common name used as the formal name and the Scarterran's formal name used as the common name.   Bellusk Maylar   Enosha Mera   Mubete Korus   Kontona Nami   Taede Greymoria   Heekma Khemra   Dalgari Zarthas   Mangcha Hallisan   Resona Phidas

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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