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"Scarterra" refers to both the entirety of the universe but depending on context "Scarterra" can be defined as "all land everywhere" particularly when contrasted with Scaraqua which is effectively "all sea everywhere."   In context, if you the world "Scarterrans" pop up in this wiki, it essentially means "all land based mortals everywhere" as opposed to "Scaraquans" that refer to "all sea based mortals everywhere."   Scarterrans and Scaraquans can and do interact with each other but Scarterra and Scaraqua are in many ways separate worlds.   Scarterrans and Scaraquans worship the same nine gods, but with different names and slightly different personalities and goals.  Scarterrans and Scaraquans speak different languages.  They governed by the same laws of physics and metaphysics are the same but they have different interpretations and myths explaining them.   How Scarterrans view the sea in metaphysical terms    How Scaraquans see the land in metaphysical terms


Originally Scarterra was made up of a single pangea-like super continent with a fresh water lake in the middle of it called the Great Eye.     During the First Unmaking the Great Eye split roughly in half along the north-south axis.  The new northern landmass became called Colassia. The southern land mass kept splitting and formed the continents of Umera, Penarchia, and the Island of Khemarok as well as many smaller islands.   Elemental chaos also raised new mountains and islands, the most impressive which are World Seam Mountains streching across Colassia and Umera.   Later in the Second Unmaking, Colassia split along the Demonic Strait  into two land masses now called West Colassia and East Colassia.

Fauna & Flora

Similar to real earth as a baseline but with supernatural humanoids, monsters, and spirits in it.


In the The First Age, Scarterra was dominated by various nations and tribes of dragons.   The elemental chaos of First Unmaking wrecked the landscape and killed millions of mortals and beasts ushering in a new age.   In the The Second Age, Scarterra was dominated by various nations and tribes of elves.   The Void spawned chaos of the Second Unmaking vastly depopulated Scarterra's mortal population while causing lessor damage to the land itself.   The current age is the The Third Age, Scarterra is currently dominated by various nations and tribes of humans.  
Eight commissioned human portraits by Diana Rahfoth
  The Third Age, at least in West Colassia is split between the Ancient Era and the Feudal Era.  The Feudal Era  began 1837 years ago with the death of the vampire Vladimir the Conqueror.  The Ancient Era began when the Second Unmaking ended and ended when the Feudal Era began.
Related Traditions

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