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elemental trolls

common trolls are prone to many mutations but the most commonly seen troll variants are elemental in nature.   In size, temperament, ecology, and life style, elemental trolls are virtually unchanged from other trolls save for a few special powers and aptitudes. Most elemental trolls fit into the basic size categories of pygmy, medium, and giant variants.  

fire trolls

  On average, fire trolls are a little bit less muscular than common trolls of the same size, but they more than make up for this shortcoming with their special abilities.   Fire Trolls are unique among trolls in that they are immune to fire. They also have a fiery breath weapon that is quite powerful but it is physically taxing on fire trolls to use the power more than once per hour.   As to weaknesses Ordinary water impedes their regeneration and causes pain but it does not actually damage them. They are especially vulnerable to cold based attacks. A fire troll beaten into “Mostly Dead” status can be destroyed permanently if the body is exposed to cold based magic or submerged in ordinary water.  

water trolls

Water trolls are faster and more agile than common trolls of similar size, but they are also less robust than common trolls of similar size. Water Trolls are fully amphibious and can survive indefinitely underwater and they can survive indefinitely even in dry environments. They are agile swimmers and even the dullest trolls are cunning enough to know that it is effective to drown their prey. All Water Trolls have natural camouflage when submerged in fresh or salt water.

earth trolls

  Earth trolls have stony skin and are a lot more resilient to damage than other trolls of their size, but they tend to be a bit slower. Earth trolls are extremely territorial and will usually fight to the death before abandoning their territory which is more often than not, a rocky mountain side.  

air trolls

  Air Trolls have gross wing flaps like flying squirrels and they can glide clumsily. They are more dexterous but more wiry than other trolls of similar size. Air Trolls have an incurable wanderlust and they never maintain a permanent territory or lair like most other trolls.
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