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Scarnoctis refers to the vast subterranean mega realm existing underneath Scarterra and toa lesser extent Scaraqua.   While many settings have their underground sub realm set up as a quasi-prison for beings that offend the god, Scarnoctis is not exactly that harsh.   In the First and Second Age, many creations meant for Scarterra and Scaraqua that the Nine that they are not especially proud of but they nevertheless do not want to destroy are sent to Scarnoctis.   By the Third Age, Scarnoctis has evolved and adapted beyond what the Nine expected and they are now more prone to deliberately create things for Scarnoctis rather than merely dumping their castoffs there.
With no offense to Australians, Australia was an inspiration for Scarnoctis.  Much as Australia was once a penal colony for minor criminals, Scarnoctis used to be a dumping ground for the Nine's minor disappointments.   Much like Australia, life is harsh, survival is difficult and a great many of the animals are strange looking and/or dangerous.

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