"I'm not sure whether or not Hell has a kitchen, but if it does have one, I am sure that it is well stocked with plenty of brodesopp!"   Roodnat, gnome chef
    Brodesopp is a Dwarven name that loosely translates into "mushroom grain" or "bread fungus."  
"Here's a trick to make your brodesopp taste better. If you put butter and honey on your brodesopp biscuits or porridge, it will taste like butter and honey!"   -Norabruck Grumblespine, dwarven Rover on the Wind
    Brodesopp mushroom grows quickly and easily near life stones and compared to other life stone based plants and fungi, brodsopp is among the most efficient, if not the most efficient crop to grow underground from a strictly nutritional point of view.  
While it looks like a regular mushroom, brodesopp is not technically a fungi by scientific terms. Fungi feed on decaying matter whereas brodsopp is a thaumnivore meaning it feeds off magic. It is a passive thaumnivore, so grows in areas of ambient magical energy, such sites are quite common in Scarnoctis.   -Master Blaprur, gnome sage
    Brodesopp can be eaten raw, boiled, baked or fried as is, but it it is usually ground up into flour.  
"Brodesopp is a miracle food. It will last a week or two cut depending on how cool your storage area is, but if you grind it into flour and put it in a sealed container, you can keep it good for up to six months. If you salt it, you can keep it for more than three years. By culinary standards, that is practically forever."   -Marbuil Redscale, dwarf salt master
      Brodesopp can be made into porridge and eaten as is, or it can be mixed with other foodstuffs.  
"My grandmother once told me that the whole point of cooking is to trick people into eating brodesopp.   Making mashed potatoes? Every third or fourth "potato" should be a potato sized scoop of brodesopp.   Making a broth? For every nine parts liquid, throw in a bit of brodesopp to thicken it up. Cooking some meat that is not the choicest cut? Try breading it in a bit of brodesopp mixed in with a few herbs for flavor.   Wheat and rye flour is expensive as it is delicious, but you can make it last longer by cutting it with some brodesopp flour. You get the idea."   -Bosoulin Chainbraids, dwarf homemaker

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As mentioned above, brodesopp is usually ground into flour but it can be fermented into brodsopp vodka which has a very high proof.
Brodesopp vodka is a lot like Brodesopp flour in that it is best mixed with other things. You don't just serve a customer a mug of Brodesopp vodka. You mix it with something more palatable for flavor, so it goes down smoother. The vodka is there simply to get the customer inebriated that much more swiftly.   -Akza owner and operator of The Drunken Bat Inn and Brewery
Starchy with a mild tang
Ranging from white to dark brown
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