The Drunken Bat Inn and Brewery

If heaven is real, I imagine it is very similar to the Drunken Bat.   -Norabruck Grumblespine, dwarven Circuit Priestess of Nami
  The Drunken Bat claims to be the most famous tavern in all of Scarterra. Located in the Elven Empire's last major West Colassian port, Foroden. Though the port city is technically run by elves, most of the denizens are human.   They might be right. They regularly see travelers from Swynfaredia, Stahlheim, Kantoc, Apseldia, Nishi, Azuma, and the Elven Empire and those are just the everyday visitors.  
Commissioned kalazotz flying, grey background by Diana Rahfoth
The most obvious thing that sets the Drunken Bat apart are the drunken bats not that they are drunk on the job...usually. The bar is run by kalazotz, more colloquially called the "bat folk". Bat folk don't commonly mingle with humans, distrusting them since the Massacre of the Grey Forest kalazotz decades ago, most kalazotz keep to themselves or associate with dwarves with whom many have an ancient alliance.
  The bartenders usually will give free drinks to visitors who give him interesting mementos from faraway lands, so the walls are filled with curios from every corner of Scarterra. Flags and banners are especially common, but outlandish clothes, weapons, parts of ships and stranger things are included.   The prices are a bit higher than elsewhere but the premium allows for unprecedented variety as beer, wine and spirits are imported from every corner of Scarterra.  
"I never tried kalazotz beverages before. I'm glad I have the experience of having tried to rabbit blood wine and brodesopp vodka mixed, but I don't ever want to try it again.   Fortunately, I could drink something different every night and it would make take me months to go through their menu, but I'm only here on shore leave for a few days, so I need to drink extra fast. The menu will probably change the next time our ship in port."   -Alexy, Poseidonus satyr and part time bar patron

Purpose / Function

Originally created so kalazotz and dwarven traders could enjoy a taste of home in a busy port dominated by elves and humans. A lot of humans and a few elves came by out of curiosity and they gradually became the main clientele of the establishment.   The owners of the inn gradually expanded the drink and food menu to create a truly cosmopolitan drinking and dining establishment to enjoy food and drinks (especially drinks) from all around Scarterra.


The building was created by humans for humans before it was bought by Clan Balché.   Intiially, they modified the rafters of the ceiling to give a few places for kalazotz to hang, but they are not used much since most of their clientele is not fond of hanging from the ceiling drinking from bladders. Also, few people want to stand under kalazotz who are eating and drinking even though they usually don't drop things.   Most of the ceiling rafters have been repurposed for hanging decorations rather than letting kalazotz tavern goers figuratively and literally hang there.   Thus most of the tavern is conventionally furnished. Now most of the kalazotz visitiors eat on tables on the floor on gnome-sized furniture (and gnomes are more than welcome to join them).


The inn is three interconnected two story buildings with an overhanging second floor.   The central building is the main tavern area, the west annex houses their distillery and storage space while the east annex houses their guest rooms.   The kalazotz staff prefer to sleep in the dark cellar underneath the distillery. The non-kalazotz staff have homes elsewhere in the port city.


Originally, the drunken bat was a tavern/inn set up to cater to dwarves and kalazotz doing business with the Elven Empire.   Among other things, it was near impossible for kalazotz to get their favorite spirits such as fermented rabbit's blood or grub whiskey.   Being near a major trading port and having a very experimental owner, the tavern invested a lot of money in buying exotic drink from around Scarterra.
Comissioned Kalazotz Art (smaller version) by Diana Rahfoth
  The tavern had a rotating drink menu including things such as wood elven spring wine, Umeran sake, East Colassian honey mead, Mondarian rum, and other exotic drinks.   Originally the tavern bought exotic drinks for a lark, but as their reputation grew, the tavern found itself awash in new customers asking for exotic drinks.   As the inn expanded, they increased their menu of foods as well, importing a lot of exotic spices, meat, ad produce as well as exotic drinks.


If you want to taste the food and drink of a place thousands of miles away, this is place to go. This is mainly for tourists tasting food from exotic foreign lands. If a distant traveler comes to the inn expecting a taste of home, they will probably be disappointed. "Lousy bats didn't get the spices right!"   Most of the exotic faire is not about authenticity but about novelty. Clan Balché is fond of wild experiments combining food, drink, and spices from disparate locations.   You want a gin and tonic with wood elves made gin in tonic water from Mera's Lake accented with spices imported from the Colassian Confederacy?   That's one of the less exotic mixed drinks they can make.

Darkness and Light

"We kalazotz can see in the dark perfectly, and we do find darkness comforting. Contrary to what some humans believe, we are not blinded or harmed by bright light nor do we fear the light. Our very name, "kalazotz" means "bats of light" though our light is more of a spiritual light than a visible light, so we still often remain in darkness.   Our dwarf friends often prefer dim light. When my great grandmother ran the tavern, most of our customers were dwarves or bats, so they kept the bar dim. But as time wore on, more of our customers were humans and other folk who like big bright fires and lanterns, so we opted to light up the pub, the corners are dimly lit so dwarves and bats can still feel at home. Also a few humans with questionable pasts also prefer the dim light.   -Akza, matron and owner of the Drunken Bat Inn and Brewery
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