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When it is spelled with a lower case "d", "dwarven" means "having physical or cultural traits of a dwarf." When "Dwarven" appears with a capital "D" it means "the language of dwarves."   Most dwarves live in the nations of Stahlheim , Meckelorn, or Mondert. Both Stahlheim and Meckelorn are on the continent of West Colassia located in the continent's geographic center. A great many West Colassian humans find it useful to learn Dwarven. Non-dwarves outside of West Colassia  almost never bother to learn the language because there just aren't enough dwarves to make it worth their while.   Stahlheim and Meckelorn speak very similar dialects of Dwarven, but Mondert was quite isolated and culturally distinct from other dwarven cultures. In Mondert, dwarves and humans live and work very closely together. Most Mondarians, both human and dwarf alike learn both Common and Dwarven as their native tongue. They have a tendency to switch back and forth between the two languages when speaking.

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