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Land of Meckelorn

Meckelorn is the homeland of the dwarves. While not all dwarves live in Meckelorn, all dwarves believe they are the direct descendants of Meckelorn.   Meckelorn is located roughly in the center of the continent of West Colassia. Meckelorn's southern border is with the region known as the Border Baronies. Meckelorn's northern border is with West Colassia's frontier. Meckelorn's eastern border touches the lower corner of Fumaya. Meckelorn's western border touches the nation of Kantoc.


85% dwarves, 5% gnomes, 8% kalazotz, 2% Other (mostly humans   Most of the humans and other minorities live in Meckelorn's main trading post. Gnomes tend to favor the more densely populated areas of Meckelorn and kalazotz tend to prefer the frontier of Meckelorn.
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