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Swynfaredian Grey Forest

The Swynfaredian Grey Forest represents the region of the Grey Forest that is claimed by Kingdom of Swynfaredia.   The Grey Forest represents a somewhat fuzzy border area between Codenya, Swynfaredia, and Uskala.   The area is not densely populated by humans and demihumans, but the forests are home to various beasts mortals that refuse to bow to any royal banner.


In terms of square miles, this region boasts the two largest duchies in all of Swynfaredia, the Duchy of Amethysts controlled by House Numaness and the other by House Fremiss-Caedwin, but they cannot control the province as tightly as dragon bloods do elsewhere.   The region is technically tied into the rest of Swynfaredia by feudal obligations, but the realm is more autonomous than elsewhere.   The area is relatively remote and sparsely populated which forces the feudal rulers to adapt how they run things relative to the rest of Swynfaredia.   The local rulers have less oversight from their own feudal superiors and they give their subjects more autonomy than most Swynfaredian dragon bloods. This is largely because lines of communication are slower here.   The unofficial law of the land here is as "long as the local lord gets his reagents on time, we can do whatever we want."   The local commoners have essentially no restrictions on their right to bear arms, a relative rarity in Swynfaredia. This is largely because it is not practical to mvoe soldiers quickly in an emergency so the locals have to be able to defend themselves from whatever comes out of the forest.


The local rulers have a few modest castles but the realm's defense relies on having a large and well seasoned militia.

Industry & Trade

The region exports Reagents, fur, timber, and woodcrafts.   They have to import metalwork and luxury goods, though the locals strive to be as self-sufficient as possible.


Because the region represents the border zone of three great regional powers and it has a native population that is anti-authoritarian, the region is historically a hotbed of conflict.   Usually acts of violence are small, but frequent. Border clashes and local unrest are often worst when they can piggyback off of other conflicts. During each of Swynfaredian Civil Wars, the locals rose up against the Swynfaredian rulers here.   Over the centuries, Swynfaredia has tamed the region with careful application of carrots and sticks. In the past, they crushed insurrections brutally but they have also adopted a gentle hand when there isn't an uprising.   The local Swynfaredian lords and ladies tend to rule with a light hand and they also work with Korus' Stewards to not offend the natural world.


The region is dominated by forest. There are a few natural clearings and a few places that have been cleared for farming or settlements.   Most of the mid sized settlements are clustered near the few decent sized rivers.


The region is temperate with relatively mild winters.

Natural Resources

The forest is rich in timber and has good hunting.   There are small cleared areas of moderately productive farmland where the Swynfaredian settlements are clustered near. The soil is fertile but there aren't a lot of natural bodies of water. Most settlers have to dig wells to meet their water needs, and irrigation is not especially practical meaning that farmers are at the mercy of rain clouds.   Reagents is the natural resource that draws people here and is the main reason Kingdom of Swynfaredia bothers claiming and defending this land at all.
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