Swynfaredian humans

"Swynfaredian" is the primary nationality in Swynfaredia.   Outsiders have given them the derogatory nickname "Swineherdians." Swynfaredia does have a lot of pig farmers among them but that is hardly uncommon in human dominated lands.   Swynfaredia's nobility is made up entirely of hereditary sorcerers who have ascribed near divine status to the nobility's dragon ancestors.  At most 3-4% of the general Swynfaredian population has hereditary sorcerery.  A lot more than the general population of most human lands, but hardly a defining trait of the Swynfaredian ethnicity as a whole.   Below the nobility, the Swynfaredians are primarily agrarian like most humans in Scarterra.   Swynfaredia naming conventions are based on the Welsh language. Most Swynfaredian NPCs are named via google searches for "Welsh baby names" and many of the geographic land marks and noble house titles are derivatives of Welsh words.   Swynfaredians show primarily earthy cosmetic features, but they often manifest secondary fiery or watery traits, particularly in the southern territory of the nation.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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