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Land of Stahlheim

This article is a stub I will expand on later.   Stahlheim is the largest dwarf dominated nation on Scarterra. It is located in the south central region of West Colassia.   Stahlheim is a former colony of Meckelorn that gained independence and grew in population and wealth such that it now eclipses Meckelorn in power and prestige. Stahlheim is a major mercantile power trading extensively with nearly every human nation in West Colassia and the Elven Empire.   Over the centuries Stahlheim has assimilated a lot of human customs. They are less isolationist than the dwarves of Meckelorn.


84% Dwarves, 6% humans, 5% gnomes, 2% tengku 1% kalazotz , 2% other   Most of the non-dwarf minority population is clustered is near the southern border towards the coast or north towards the Border Baronies
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