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The Great Colassian Tundra

It makes up all the frontier land that is east of the World Seam Mountains and north of the nations of Fumaya, Codenya and Uskala.     The region is sparsely populated. The most common humanoid denizens of the Great Colassian Tundra are Jórtoca human tribes and assorted tribes of orcs. There are also many monsters here, both mortal and bestial.


Technically, the land is not entirely a tundra, but the majority of it is a tundra. There are hills, taigas, and steppes. All of the land is too cold for agriculture, but the southern portions are warm enough to allow for herders to eke out a living.


The flora and fauna of the Colassian Tundra vaguely resembles the flora and fauna of real world Siberia and Scandinavia plus with more than a fantasy monsters sprinkled.  Flora and fauna is a bit richer and more vibrant than in the real world due to the influence of Korus'  divine influence.

Natural Resources

There are pockets rich with reagents, a great many of them have dragons or other intelligent monsters claiming them.   Supposedly there are mineral lodes here too, but the region is considered to be too remote for a cost effective mining operation.   The most commonly sought and obtained resources are the animals themselves. Ivory, pelts, and reagents harvested from animals. The locals also eat the local fauna of course but that is not feasible for the region to trade foodstuffs with the outside world.


There is relatively little to entice adventurers to enter this dangerous place, but there are rumors of lost relics and treasures from the the First Age and the Second Age.   Supposedly there are also frozen examples of now extinct species.  Something sought out by collectors, alchemists, and historians.
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North Colassian Wastes, Colassian Winter lands
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