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The Laguza are an ethnicity of humans that dwell primarily in or around the Great Fjord of West Colassia.   Unsurprisingly, the Laguza have very dominant watery and airy elemental traits
  Loosely inspired by real world Inuit, the Laguza make their primary livelihoods through fishing and hunting seals and other marine mammals. It is tough enough kayaking through icy waters to spear seals, but the Laguza have to deal with various fantasy monsters and the occasional forays of orc barbarians.   While they are technically barbarians, they generally have a good relationship with civilized folk. Delegations from Meckelorn, the Elven Empire and Kantoc visit at least once a year to trade for furs, ivory and reagents.
Encompassed species
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Cover image: Enapay the Laguza by Eron12 with Hero Forge


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