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Humans were created on Scarterra by the Nine in order to be the dominant race on the planet, making humans the third of the Core Races.   After the First and Second Unmakings, the Nine thought they could prevent another cataclysm of that magnitude by limiting the life span of the dominant given that the previous Unmakings were the result of centuries long machinations for political power.   Scarterra humans are pretty much physiologically the same as real world humans.     The main difference between Scarterran humans and Earth humans is that their ethnic markers are based on the four classic elements.   Air
Commissioned Scarterra Air couple by Diana Rahfoth
Commissioned Scarterra Earth couple by Diana Rahfoth
Commissioned Scarterra Fire couple by Diana Rahfoth
Commissioned Scarterra Water couple by Diana Rahfoth
  Also, Scarterran humans have the capability of wielding divine and arcane magic, but that is common to most mortal races in Scarterra.     Most civilized nations in Scarterra are dominated by humans. Most human nations are agrarian societies with a feudal system of government.
Human Character Creation   The basic character creation guidelines assume humans are the default race. No special rules or modifiers apply.

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Cover image: Eight commissioned human portraits by Diana Rahfoth


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