Man-dwarfs are the relatively rare result of humans and dwarves mating. A relatively uncommon act.   Man-dwarves are large, combining a human's height with a dwarf's broad shoulders and muscular builds. An adult man-dwarf on average is only going to be an inch or two shorter than an average adult human of the same sex, if they are shorter at all. Female humans tend to be shorter and lighter than male humans and female dwarfs tend to be shorter and lighter than male dwarves. Man-Dwarfs probably follow the same sexual dimorphism with males being larger but a female man-dwarf is still going to be much larger than a female human or female dwarf. In fact a female man-dwarf is probably going to be at least as heavy as the largest humans and dwarves.   Man-dwarves don’t have any of a dwarf’s natural instincts for stone and they don’t have a full blooded dwarf’s innate resistance to poison and magic. Man-dwarves are very strong and very resilient though.   Scarterran man-dwarves are big as babies. Whether the mother is a human or the mother is a dwarf, child birth has a very high mortality rate for the mothers if magical healing is not available. Dwarf-human coupling is largely taboo mostly because of the danger of child birth. On top of this, humans and dwarves are not usually very close, culturally speaking.   In Mondert humans and dwarves tend to get along very well, so man-dwarves are logically more common in Mondert than elsewhere.   Outside of Mondert, man-dwarves are exceedingly rare. They are more likely the result of brief trysts rather than genuine romances. These man-dwarves rarely get much exposure to both human and dwarf culture. They are usually raised by their mother’s culture (whether the mother is human or dwarf) or they are left in a basket on the door step of a temple of Zarthus (Zarthus’ followers are honor bound to care for orphans and half breeds).       If they don’t become heavily involved with the Lanterns. Man-dwarves rarely truly fit in anywhere. They are not exactly warmly welcomed in human lands, but in general a man-dwarf will find a better reception in human lands than dwarf lands. Stahlheimer dwarves might put a thin veil of politesse over their disdain for these half-breeds, but Meckelorners generally show open contempt. Man-dwarves of Stahlheim or Meckelorn stock nearly always fall into a professions that have no fixed address and benefit from their great strength. They are often mercenaries or sailors. They will try to find a surrogate family in their co-workers. Most Man-dwarfs find they have slightly warmer welcomes among human lands than dwarf lands.
Character Creation Rules -Man dwarves have an extra bruised health level. -Man dwarves receive a -1 difficulty break on all non-magical Strength rolls, including damage rolls. They receive a -1 difficulty break on Willpower rolls when making feat of Strength checks.   -Dour, Man-dwarves pick up the full-dwarves’ social graces. They have a +1 difficulty penalty on all non-magical Charisma rolls with those who do not know them well.   -Man-dwarf player characters receive 8 fewer freebie points than normal.     Player characters are encouraged but not required to take on Flaws related to being a social outcast or pariah, unless they are Mondarian in which case they should probably consider taking some social Merits such as “Honorary Dwarf Clan Member.”

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