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Islands of Mondert

Mondert's national territory is made up of several small islands fairly close to the equator north of continent of Penarchia.  Mondert is a joint nation of humans and dwarves.   The islands are loosely based on real world Hawaii.


56% humans, 40% dwarves, 1% Man-dwarves, 3% other.


The realm has a human king and a dwarf king who are joint rulers of the realm but most day-to-day operations are headed by human and dwarf clan elders.

Industry & Trade

The realm is fertile and is mostly self-sufficient but they import some luxury goods from other lands exporting spices in return.

Natural Resources

Fertile volcanic soli feeds lush forests and croplands, as well as rich reagent harvesting opporunities.   Metal ores are somewhat limited but are adequate to meet the local's needs.
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