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Zarthus stats in brief

Zarthus “Righteous Avenger” “Light Bringer” “Constant Rebel”   Alignment: Chaotic Good   Priests’ Nickname: Lantern Bearers. Short form, Lanterns.   Favored Weapon: Rapier   Common Symbol: Anything with the moon. Especially crescent moons.   Favored Magic: Augmentation, Crafts, Hexing   Divine Trophy : Zarthus shaped Turoch's spinal cord into a rapier.   Primary Dominion : the moon   Primary Gift to Mortals: Art and music   Synopsis: Zarthus believes that mortals should work hard to provide for themselves and their families but shouldn’t let work consume them. He is said to have gifted mortals with music and art to help them to enjoy the fruits of their labor. He promotes self-sufficiency. He believes that mortals can both work harder and express them when not constrained by tyrants, well meaning or otherwise. Zarthus put the moon in the sky to light up the darkness and expects his followers to cast lights into the darkness and expose hidden evils so they can be removed. In addition for seeking out hidden evils, he encourages mortals to seek out hidden beauty and wonder.   Priests and Primary Followers: A few isolated small population areas worship Zarthus primarily. In more populated areas is the primary patron of artists and those who resist oppression. Zarthus has become a sort of patron for half-breeds and Zarthus worship is the unofficial state religion of the small half-elves' nation of Apseldia. Lantern priests and priestesses can induct whomever they wish as long as they have two skill sets that can help further Zarthus' goals and they know the most rudimentary rights. Other priesthoods often believe the Lanterns are too liberal bestowing honorary priest status. Proportionally, compared to the relatively small size of core Zarthus worshippers, Zarthus has many priests and priestesses   Common Times to Invoke his Name: Zarthus is commonly invoked before attempting an artistic endeavor or doing a difficult but necessary task alone. He is commonly prayed to for safety when traveling at night. He is often prayed to for deliverance from oppression.   Basic Tenets: -Provide for yourself and your family, help others do likewise. -Those who restrict another’s ability to provide for themselves or enjoy themselves must be punished.   -Seek beauty wherever it may be found so you can enjoy it and share it with others. Art and music is the greatest expression of beauty.   -Seek corruption wherever it is hiding it, so it may be removed before it festers.     Zarthus Portfolio includes but is not limited to: The moon, the tides, light, exposing the corrupt, finding the hidden, music, art, self-reliance, community, bastards, half-breeds, orphans, freedom, vengeance, trickery to reach objectives,
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