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As one of the three core races capable of creating hybrids, half-elves can refer to a wide variety of creatures.   When elves ruled the world during the Second Age, half-elves of many types were common. In the Third Age, the vast majority of half-elves are also half-humans. Among elven society, half-elves are usually called "half-human" since elves think they tend to look to more human than elven (and humans think they tend to look more like elves than humans).  
The overwhelming majority of half-elves are half-elf/half human, so much that if the term "half-elf" comes up in casual conversation, listeners will assume the speaker is referring to half-humans. But half-elf/half dragon and elf/gnome hybrids do exist, they are simply rare. @dreiter, personal butler to the Elven Empress is an elf-gnome hybrid.
Dreiters the gnelf by Me using Hero Forge
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