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Zarthus spiritually affiliated creatures

Zarthus Spirits

  Compared to most of his siblings, Zarthus has more active spirits but not an overwhelming number of spirits. Zarthus prefers quality over quantity. While Zarthus has a mix of very powerful and relatively weak spirits, the average Zarthus spirit is fairly strong.   Zarthus likes to battle evil and he likes to give people a hand up, not a hand out. He’s got a few soldier and guardian spirits that fight Zarthus' enemies, but he prefers his mortal followers to fight evil doers. One power Zarthus spirits commonly have that others rarely have is the ability to shape change into magic weapons and armor. That way the spirit and the mortal fight together, literally.   Zarthus likes uses Muse spirits. Not as violent as turning into a sword, but Muses help artists create, they don’t create for them.   Most Zarthus spirits capable of transforming thusly are not eager to stay in the form of a sword indefinitely. Usually these spirits only take the form of a magic item for the duration of a specific mission. It’s very common for a Zarthus spirit to aid a devout follower for a single mission of vengeance against the villain who killed the mortal’s father, brother, sister, and/or true love.   The go-to flying creature used by Zarthus aligned spirit summoners is the owl. Owls are stately and powerful, and nocturnal. The go-to land is a cat. Same thing really. The go-to aquatic creature used by Zarthus or Dalgari  aligned summoners is the swordfish. Because Zarthus is associated with rapier swords and not all my ideas are mind blowing in their creativity.    

Zarthus Creatures

  In most cases, Zarthus would rather impose his values on mainstream society rather than create isolated Zarthus-friendly pockets with a vanity race.   I haven’t officially assigned any creatures as being Zarthus creatures, but I plan to fix this eventually.   Among freedom loving, musical monstrous races, it’s likely that Zarthus would have to share his worshipers with Mera, Korus , and Nami at the very least.   Zarthus is the patron of half-breeds, orphans and bastards. A lot of of half-elves and half-orcs worship Zarthus primarily.
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