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Spirit Magic

(Charisma + Theology)   ● Detect spirits, elementals, and demons. This reveals their general presence, not location. A rare few such creatures can mask their presence necessitating a resisting roll. Range is 25 yard radius per success rolled.   Alternatively a divine caster with this power can inflict a one-die penalty on hostile spirits or a one-die bonus on friendly spirits. One spirit can be affected per success. Range is line of sight.   ●● Banish spirits, elementals or demons. Opposed roll versus target’s Willpower. A few spirits get bonus dice to resist banishment. Demons cannot be banished completely, only driven away temporarily. This can be reversed to bolster a friendly spirit. A would-be banisher needs to beat the bolsterer’s successes and THEN beat the actual target on second spell.   Net successes   One Target flees for three turns   Two Target flees for ten minutes   Three Target flees for one hour   Four+ Target banished to home realm (or their home element)   Range is line of sight.   ●●● Summons a minor fighting spirit for you for ten minutes per success. Three successes gets you two spirits. Five successes gets you three. Alternatively, summon a helpful non-combative spirit such as a horse for two hours per success.   Summoned creatures appear within a few yards of the caster. Spirits have only a single health level before they are banished.   ●●●● Summon elementals or level ●●● spirits with many health levels. Elementals need to be bested in a contested Willpower roll every ten minutes.   ●●●●● Open a portal to enter other planes or let other creatures in. Range is touch, the caster needs to mimic drawing a doorway.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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