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Korus Mubete

Korus is the quiet and unassuming middle child of the Nine who is secretly the glue that holds the tempestuous family together.   Korus, by his very nature builds bridges. Korus bridges civilization and the wilderness, good and evil, law and chaos, continuity and change, masculine and feminine. To a limited extant, he even represents a bridge between mortals and Fair Folk.   On the surface of a pond it looks like a duck is gliding calmly and effortlessly along the water effortlessly but if you looked at the duck from below you would see he is kicking is legs and paddling like crazy.   Korus is a very hard working deity with a very complicated existence but most outsiders don’t see half of what Korus does. Most gods and mortals alike take Korus for granted. Korus generally prefers it this way.

Divine Domains

Korus Portfolio includes but is not limited to: All plants but especially trees, the seasons, predator/prey balance, forests, fishing, agriculture, plant creatures, horses, compromises, prophecy, deviation from gender norms, bridges   Korus' Dominion is nature.   Korus' Gift to mortals is agriculture.


Contacts & Relations

When the Nine  were plotting the Divine Rebellion  against Turoch, Korus’ role was not very glorious but it was important. He kept the Nine from killing each other long enough, so they could kill Turoch . Even in the Third Age, Korus and his minions still intervene to stop the Nine from killing each other, both figuratively and literally.   Korus gets along especially well with all the ladies, who happen to be partially neutral. By a happy coincidence the four goddesses are more directly tied to nature than Korus’ four brothers are tied to nature. The sun, magic, water, weather. These are all basic things intimately tied to the plants and animals that Korus manages. Khemra is a little hidebound, Greymoria  is a little petty, Mera is a little naïve, and Nami is a little reckless but none of their schemes and machinations really threaten nature on a large scale.   Korus doesn’t get along as well with his brothers, but there is very little bad blood. Sometimes Maylar goes too and destroys too much at once. Sometimes Hallisan's pushes progress too far and his minions chop down more trees than Korus would like. Sometimes Phidas'  schemes magnify the worst of civilization. Zarthus is probably Korus’ favorite brother, but even he can cause disruptions on his personal crusades.   If Korus doesn’t have any true rivals among the Nine, who is Korus’ worst enemy? His worst enemy is….himself.   Korus is the god of the wilderness and he is the god of agriculture. While Korus can wring his hands and fret about urban blight, the real threat to the wilderness is not forests being overtaken by cities, it is forests being overtaken by farmland.


  In Scaraqua, Korus is commonly referred to as Mubete. Mubete is viewed as a goddess , not a god.   Scaraquans consider Mubete as one of the three Sisters of the Sea or the three Daughters of the Sea depending on how you translate Seeyirah. Along with Enosha (Mera) and Taedi (Greymoria), Mubete is considered one of the preeminent deities of the sea. Outside the Three Seeyirah, the other deities are considered sidekicks, helpers, or minor annoyances to the Three Sisters.   Mubete is a bit more standoffish and asocial than Korus, but she retains Korus’ impartiality as much as possible. In general Mubete believes that good fences makes good neighbors and her followers normally endorse Scaraquans minimizing their contact with Scarterrans.   Mubete is the main nature goddess of the sea. This means that she is basically the goddess of all fish. Every sea creature not directly associated with another deity is essentially considered part of Mubete's purview. Even then, Mubete has indirect influence over sharks, crustaceans, cetaceans, swordfish, and all the other fish that are spiritually tied to another deity.
Divine Classification
True Neutral
Current Location
male (usually)
Aligned Organization


  Korus is among the most influential deities on Scarterra if he isn’t the most influential. Mubete is one of the all important Seeyirah in Scaraqua. This stretches Korus’ powers and divine sight pretty thin.   As far as the denizens of Scarnoctis are concerned, Korus is the least powerful and least important deity. That is probably part of the reason why dwarves give Korus less respect than most other mortals due to the fact that dwarves spend roughly as much time Scarnoctis as they do in Scarterra proper.

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