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Greymoria Taedi

Greymoria is the spiritual embodiment of negative or toxic femininity embodying the literary archetype of the witch.   Greymoria is defined by her bitterness and spite. Here is a story to explain how and why Greymoria acts and thinks the way she does.   A ship with 400 passengers is stranded. They know they are going to be rescued in 20 days. There is not enough food and water for 400 people for 20 days. There is only enough for 200.     There are two officers in charge. Officer A says they need to kill 200 people or everyone dies. Officer B says that is too horrible to contemplate. Officer A kills 200 passengers anyway. Officer B then decides to lock Officer A in the brig for murder, then starts distributing food and water to the survivors. Then Officer B distributes all the rations to the survivors and looks like a hero for giving them all food and water and protecting them from the horrible murderer.   As far as Officer A feels, Officer A is the hero, but everyone thinks she is a monster worse than Jack the Ripper.     A few of The Nine begrudgingly admit that Greymoria’s actions were necessary but no one says she is a hero. Very few mortals believe Greymoria’s actions were heroic.   In order to defeat Turoch, the Nine had to poison him first. Turoch eats souls. In order to make souls poisonous, Greymoria tortured and mutilated them substantially. It’s not known whether she did this to hundreds, thousands or millions of souls. Some of these souls were not consumed by Turoch. The ones that escaped became the forerunners of the first undead and may have laid the groundwork for the formation of the Void .   Greymoria of course argues that Scarterra as we know it would not exist without her contribution to the Divine Rebellion. As far as Greymoria is concerned, she was the only member of the Nine whose contribution was truly indispensable.   Most New Year festivals involve storytellers, acting troupes or puppeteers reenacting the Nine’s Rebellion against Turoch. It is considered an honor to play the part of Greymoria. In some nations, this is the only time of year that publicly worshiping Greymoria is socially acceptable.

Divine Domains

Greymoria’s Portfolio includes but is not limited to: Magic, wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, monsters, necromancy, poison, torture, drowning, darkness, stealth, secrets, spite, jealousy, spiders and spiderlike monsters, fear   Her theurgists and favored souls  favored domains are Crafts, and HexingNecromancy.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Varies, usually implies mystery and magic.

Tenets of Faith

-Love Greymoria above all others for without her nothing would exist.   -Punish those who do not love Greymoria.   -Encourage the spread of arcane arts for this will glorify Greymoria.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Greymoria's Divine Trophy is a helmet of darkness and invisibility.


Contacts & Relations

Maylar admires Greymoria’s contribution to the Divine Rebellion as strong and bold. Greymoria’s mortal followers and spirit minions do not work with Maylar's mortal followers and spirits minions very often, but they recognize kindred spirits. Both groups are usually outside of acceptable society. The Testers and the Children usually leave each other alone. That speaks volumes given that the Testers and Children hardly ever leave anyone alone.   Phidas is too concerned with his image to openly admit that Greymoria’s mutilation of souls was a noble act, but at the very least Phidas and his Masks generally avoid creating trouble for the Children. The Masks generally only persecute the Children when the Children attack the Mask's territory and because of this the Children usually leave their territory alone…usually.   Korus and Greymoria usually get along. Some of the more vicious animal-like forest monsters represent past collaborations between Korus and Greymoria. Greymoria’s children may be belligerent monsters, but they rarely engage in blighting the landscape and defoliating plants on a wide scale.   Both Nami and Greymoria have relatively small followings. Unlike Greymoria, Nami acts like this doesn’t bother her. This sticks in Greymoria’s craw, but she usually has bigger fish to fry than Nam'si followers.   Khemra has a wide following and Greymoria does not. This is enough for Greymoria to consider Khemra an enemy. The Children and the Keepers are often foes. As of late, the Keepers have been integrating more mages into society and this has alleviated tensions somewhat. Some of the Children view this as a worthy concession and others view this as an opening to let them infiltrate Khemra backed nations.  Of course others view this as the Keepers meddling in Greymoria's sandbox.   Zarthus and Hallisan both are staunch enemies of Greymoria because they protect Mera. It is hard to figure out which of these two Greymoria hates more. Zarthus' minions are more persistent hunters of Greymoria’s Children but Hallisan's public influence helps discredit mages worldwide.   Mera is probably the most widely worshiped deity on Scarterra and this infuriates Greymoria to no end. As far as Greymoria is concerned, her contribution to the Divine Rebellion  was the most difficult and most important and Mera's contribution was both the least important and the easiest. Greymoria and her followers attack and undermine Mera and her followers largely out of jealousy and spite. Greymoria’s followers are fond of drowning their sacrifices and victims largely to discredit or mock Mera as a benevolent water goddess.


  Scaraquans commonly refer to Gryemoria as Taedi ((Tay-dee).   Taedi is still evil but she is a fair bit less petty and childish than Greymoria. Since Taedi is one of the three Seeyirah, the daughters/sisters of the Sea, the principle goddesses of Scaraqua, Taedi doesn’t have to throw a hissy fit about not having enough worshipers, though Taedi certainly wants more Scaraquan worshipers than she has now.   Taedi is still the Mother of Monsters. I figure a plurality of not a majority of her undersea creations would be cephalopods. Taedi is less likely to create a race of monsters and then abandon them. A higher proportion of Taedi's Scaraquan creations remain loyal to her than Greymoria's Scarterran creations. Also, more of Taedi's Scaraquan creations are animal-like beasts instead of true mortals, so they lack the capacity to choose to leave her.   Beyond this, Taedi is very similar to Greymoria. Whether wet or dry, her followers commonly endorse necromancy.
Divine Classification
Neutral Evil
Current Location
Aligned Organization


  I haven’t figured out what Greymoria’s role is going to be exactly underground, but I have a good idea.  In general Scarnoctis is where the abandoned and forgotten creatures of Scarterra and Scaraqua wash up.  Greymoria certainly creates and then abandons more than fair share of creatures.  Many of her creations were figuratively and/or literally driven underground.

Articles under Greymoria

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