The Wardens of the Barrier

The Barrier is the divinely constructed mystical wall of wind that slices any Void demon that tries to cross it and cannot find a suitably sized gap.   The Barrier is built by all the Nine together and mantained primairly by the god Phidas.   The Wardens of The Barrier is an organization of mortals that seek to aid Phidas and the rest of the Nine in their endeavor to safeguard Scarterra. In theory, any theurgist or holy warrior can join the order but the membership is primarily drawn from Phidas' Masks.   The Wardens hunt down any Void demons that sneak into the material plane and/or provide aid. When they don't have the manpower to slay the minions of the Void themselves, they provide supplies and logistical support to non-aligned adventurers soldiers who are willing and able to fight the minions of the Void.   Most famously, or perhaps infamously, the Wardens of the Barrier are first and foremost an inquistorial organization that focuses on exposing and destroying Infernalists.   While most Scarterrans fully support exposing and destroying Infernalists, what riles up people's proverbial feathers is that the Wardens state that it is worth killing ten innocents (or more) in order to catch one Infernalist.   After all, Infernalists and their Void based collaberators are out to destroy souls. What is a hundred lives destroyed versus the destruction of one immortal soul?
Religious, Inquisitorial
Training Level
Veterancy Level

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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