Greymoria's core worshipers call themselves the Children of the Dark Mother, but this is usually shortened into the "Children".   "Children" refers to both Greymoria's primary worshipers and it refers to creatures created by Greymoria. Usually, in Scarterran conversation, Greymoria's worshipers are simply called "the Children" and Greymoria's monsters are usually called "Greymoria's Children."     Greymoria and Geo-Politics   Greymoria is probably the least worshiped deity of all the Nine on Scarterra. In general, most Scarterrans are horrified by Greymoria’s actions during the the Divine Rebellion. Most Scarterrans are horrified by necromancy. Most Scarterrans are frightened by her monstrous children. Even cultures that value arcane magic highly often try to sweep Greymoria’s association with magic under the rug.   Some Greymoria worship is restricted to her holy days or only within the Nonagon. The majority of Greymoria’s temples are secret temples. Even if Greymoria is tolerated in an area, Greymoria’s Children often maintain a public temple in the Nonagon for show and maintain a secret “real” temple elsewhere. The Dark Elf Nation of Kahdisteria is the only civilized nation on Scarterra that has Greymoria as their divine patron. The government is secular but Greymoria’s priesthood is very influential because Kahdisteria relies on arcane magic to keep their slaves in line and to protect their borders from outside threats. In the nation of Swynfaredia, Greymoria is in the middle of the pack for divine prestige. The fact that Greymoria is worshiped publicly on a regular basis is pretty impressive all things considered. The sorcerer elites there do not want to rub their Greymoria association in the peasants’ faces, but they don’t want to sweep Greymoria under the rug either. The rulers Elven Empire rely heavily on Wizardry, and they maintain a very rigid proscribed worship of Greymoria, but most Children find this patronizing and see through the elven princes thinly veiled distaste for them. Most Children considered the elites of the Elven Empire to be enemies despite the Elven Empire actually giving Greymoria's Children for freedom of expression than most other nations of similar size. Uskala has Scarterra’s largest and most prestigious magic school in their capital and they almost never mention Greymoria or involve Greymoria's Children in running the school. This is galling to the Children, but there isn’t much they can do about it. The Children’s main strength is their arcane power, but the Children don’t have much of a free reign in Uskala because King Drosst and his lackeys have a lot of wizards they can call upon. Greymoria worship is more common among uncivilized folk, but even then Greymoria is not very popular. A great many barbaric people distrust arcane magic in general or they distrust Greymoria specifically. Greymoria has created a lot of races of monsters and humanoids but most of these creatures have rebelled against Greymoria treating them like expendable weapons. The Clergy Greymoria is the only deity in Scarterra that has zero recognized clergy without spell-casting ability. Greymoria is the magic goddess, so her representatives on the mortal plane are expected to be able to command magic power. About half of Greymoria’s priests and priestesses are theurgists or favored souls, the other half are mages of some kind. About one in ten Children aspire to be able to use cast divine and arcane magic. While respected for their devotion, most dual casters do not rise very high in the ranks. It takes a lot of training to learn the basics of either type of magic. Most dual casters routinely get schooled by conventional mages or theurgists in magical duels. Conventional wisdom is in the time it takes to be a mediocre mage and a mediocre theurgist you can become a legendary caster by focusing on a single field of study. Since most Greymoria temples are essentially autonomous they can select new recruits however they see fit. Some Children like to induct new members as children, some prefer inducting adults. As one might expect, the Children of the Dark Mother are very harsh task masters and demanding teachers. Sometimes recruits who are deemed failures are simply released back where they came from, sometimes they are killed. The later in a student’s education the student fails, the less likely he is to survive. To their credit, those who survive their training and are inducted as full priests or priestesses are very potent spell-casters, among the most powerful in the world. The Children have very few dabblers in their ranks. Many of Greymoria’s dabblers style themselves as holy warriors or assassins. They focus their limited magical studies on things that would help them enhance their mundane skills at killing. Greymoria has sponsored a lot of theurgists and mages who are not priests but are devout Greymoria worshipers none the less. About one-in-four Greymoria theurgists do not bother joining the priesthood formally. For every mage who takes up the cloth and becomes a full priest or priestess, there are two or three Greymoria friendly mages who do not wish to become full priests.   Greymoria has roughly as many favored souls as she has theurgists , but they don’t interact with other very often. Most of Greymoria’s theurgists are found among humans and demi-humans and most of Greymoria’s favored souls are found among the so-called monstrous races. About half of Greymoria’s favored souls pop up among groups that still worship her heavily and the other half pop up in groups that have lost faith. These favored souls try to endorse old-school Greymoria revivals and sometimes this works, at least in the short term.     Material Needs   Outside of Kahdisteria, the Elven Empire, and Swynfaredia the Children basically receive zero voluntary donations from the general populace. Thus, the Children need alternate means of gaining income.   Greymoria has more secret temples than public temples. Public temples are rarely very lavish outside of Kahdisteria. There are not a lot of Children in Scarterra so most Children are accustomed to operating solo, it’s not uncommon for a Child of Greymoria to go for months at a time before meeting another Child of Greymoria. This forces most Children learn to be self-sufficient.   Some Children have mundane day jobs, but not many. Day jobs tend to take a lot of time. Children are generally expected to use most of their free time studying and training to improve their magical skills. Many of the Children’s detractors joke that “the Children are so focused on magical studies that they cannot do simple mundane tasks such as tying their own shoes, children indeed.”   Unsurprisingly most Children in need of coin try to sell their magical skills. Most Children are mercenaries to the core, selling their magical services to anyone with gold or reagents and not asking too many questions. Besides selling their own magical services directly, the Children are very prolific crafters of magical items, especially potions. A great many Children turn their magical talents to criminal enterprises. On the more legitimate side of things, in areas where Greymoria worship is more tolerated, Children can sell their services above board as magical tutors or advisors.     Factions, Schisms, and Heresies WIP, stay tuned.   Ranks and Titles   Initiate: A perspective priest or priestess who has yet to attain a single dot of magic ability. Neophyte: A perspective priest or priestess who has just begun to show basic magical ability. If a full priest or priestess is called a neophyte, this term is intended as an insult to one’s abilities.   Acolyte: A full member of Greymoria’s priesthood.   Adeptus: Honorific term for one of Greymoria’s Children who has attained at least three dots of at least three forms of magic.   Master: Honorific term for one of Greymoria’s Children who has attained five dot magic in at least one form of magic.   Completionist: Polite Honorific for one of Greymoria’s Children studying divine and arcane magic. Master Completionists are rare but they are given great respect.   Double Dabbler: Derogatory term for one of Greymoria’s Children studying divine and arcane magic.   Mystic Blade: Polite honorific for one of Greymoria’s Children who focuses on developing his or her mundane martial skills above his or her magic. Master Mystic Blades are rare but they are given great respect.   Dabbler Warrior: Derogatory term for one of Greymoria’s Children who focuses on developing his or her mundane martial skills above his or her magic.
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