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Enchantment Spell Descriptions

Unless otherwise stated, targets of Enchantment spells must be in line of sight within Charisma x 10 yards.  

First Circle Enchantment Spells

  Amplify: This spell greatly augments the volume of a target for an hour per success and can be cast on a person or a musical instrument. Stamina   Charm Person: Humanoid target becomes caster’s friend, resisted with Willpower. Appearance   Compulsion: Target has compulsion to take an action that does not cause direct harm such as dropping what they are carrying, or bursting into laughter. Resisted with Willpower, difficulty 7. Manipulation   Daze^: Target loses next action. Resisted with Willpower. Extra successes do not increase effect. Wits   Hypnotism: Fascinates one target per success, resisted with Willpower. Attacking the target breaks the spell. Manipulation   Iron Fist: Humanoid subject can inflict lethal damage with their punches and kicks for one scene. Subject may block weapons with unarmed at no penalty. If the subject has the Living Weapon Merit, they gain +1 dice on all brawl rolls for the spells duration. Up to one person per success. Stamina   Merciful Weapon: Touch enchantment makes a normally lethal weapon inflict bashing damage, if the wielder consents to this. Manipulation   Simple Magic Amor: Mundane armor does one extra soak die of damage for one scene. Stamina   Simple Magic Weapon: Mundane weapon does one extra die of damage for one scene. Dexterity   Sleep: Target falls asleep. Resisted with target’s Willpower + Stamina. Manipulation      

Second Circle Enchantment Spells

  Biting Magic Weapon (Merciful Weapon, Simple Magic Weapon): Mundane weapon has -1 to damage rolls for every two successes rolled, rounded up, maximum -3. Strength   Complex Magic Amor (simple magic armor): Mundane armor has reduced soak difficulty, -1 per two successes rounded up, max -3. Stamina   Despair (Compulsion): Cone attack inflicts one die penalty on several targets, resisted by Willpower. Manipulation   Heroism (Iron Fist): One target per two successes (round up) gains one temporary die of all non-magical abilities per scene. Charisma   Hold (Daze): Humanoid target is paralyzed for two turns per net success. Resisted by Willpower. Manipulation   Suggestion (Compulsion, Hypnotism) : Suggestion implants an idea in the subject's mind, resisted with Willpower difficulty 4-9 based on how plausible the suggested thought is   "These aren't the droids you are looking for" would be difficulty 7" to resist, the statement sounds reasonable but it does counteract the Stormtrooper's direct orders to search all droids).   While less powerful than Charm or Dominate, Suggestion has the advantage of the suggestion having more staying power after the spell is completed and being far less likely to tip off the target that their mind was bended. Wits   Rage (Iron Fist): One target per two successes rounded up. Subjects half wound penalties, gains a die of Strength, and a bonus die of Willpower (for rolls no points). Dodges and parries are +1 difficulties. Manipulation      

Third Circle Enchantment Spells

  Complex Magic Weapon (Simple Magic Weapon, Biting Magic Weapon, Merciful Weapon): Mundane weapon has -1 difficulty to attack and parry with for every two successes rolled, rounded up max -3. Alternatively, this spell can grant different traits such as enhanced dueling, shield breaking, flaming attacks, whatever sounds cool and makes sense, metaphysically speaking. Dexterity   Dominate (Charm, Suggestion): This only works on humanoids. Resisted by Willpower. Subject is telepathically controlled by caster for one day per net success. Performing an action utterly against the subject’s nature will prompt a new Willpower roll at -1 difficulty). Manipulation   Geas (Compulsion): Target is compelled to undertake an action or refrain from an action as long as it’s not suicidal. Effect persists for three days per net success. Resisted by Willpower. Charisma   Improved Charm (Charm): Like Charm Person but it works on non-humanoids. If used on a humanoid the caster gets a bonus die on the casting roll. Appearance   Improved Sleep (Sleep): One target per success falls asleep. Resisted with target’s Willpower + Stamina. Manipulation     Social Augmentation: Target gains one dot of a social attribute of the caster’s choice per success, lasting 15 minutes per success. You can take it all in one attribute or spread the successes out. Clothing actually changes slightly with the target. Raising Manipulations tends to make clothes more ordinary seem nonthreatening and raising Appearance tends to make clothing more luxurious and flattering. Maximum is the target’s normal trait maximum plus two. Raising an attribute above the maximum usually makes the target stand out as being obviously magically enhanced. Any social attribute     Touch of Idiocy (Compulsion, Suggestion): Touch attack inflicts one level of mental attribute damage per success rolled resisted by Willpower (difficulty 7). Manipulation      

Fourth Circle Enchantment Spells

  Command Beasts (Geas, Dominate, Speak to Animals, Animal Ken 3+): Caster can command non-sapient animals, resisted by Willpower at difficulty 7. (Charisma)   Greater Despair (Despair): Cone attack inflicts two die penalty on several targets, resisted by Willpower. A successful Willpower roll only halves the effect. Manipulation   Improved Heroism (Heroism): Like Heroism, but the bonuses are doubled. Charisma   Improved Hold (Hold): As Hold but it works on non-humanoid targets. Humanoid target’s resist with Willpower at +1 difficulty. Manipulation   Mental Enfeeblement (Despair, Touch of Idiocy): Like touch of Idiocy but it doesn’t require a touch attack and inflicts two levels of attribute damage per success rolled. Manipulation   Power Word Stun^ (Hold, Daze): Creature is stunned for two rounds. If they fail a resisted Willpower roll, they are stunned for four rounds. If they fail a resisted Willpower + Stamina roll they are stunned for six rounds (roll together, add Stamina if first roll is failed). Wits      

Fifth Circle Enchantment Spells

  Confusion (Compulsion, Touch of Idiocy, Suggestion): Target becomes confused causing them to act randomly. Resisted with Willpower at +1 difficulty. Manipulation   Mass Charm (Charm, Improved Charm): As Charm but with ten times the range. Affect three humanoids per success rolled. Target’s resist with Willpower at +1 difficulty. Appearance   Mass Sleep (Sleep): As sleep but it effects three humanoid targets or one nonhumanoid target per success. Manipulation     Mass Social Augmentation (Social Augmentation): As social augmentation but it affects two targets per success. Any social attribute   Power Word Blind^ (per dot of Necromancy and/or Transmutation): Creature is blinded for three rounds. If they fail a resisted Willpower roll, they are stunned for six rounds. If they fail a resisted Willpower + Stamina roll they are blinded for a month, add Stamina if first roll is failed). Wits
(1) Amplify (Stamina), Charm Person (Appearance), Compulsion (Manipulation), Daze^: (Wits), Hypnotism (Manipulation), Iron Fist (Stamina), Merciful Weapon (Manipulation), Simple Magic Armor (Stamina), Simple Magic Weapon (Dexterity), Sleep (Manipulation)     (2) Biting Magic Weapon (Strength), Complex Magic Armor (Stamina), Despair (Manipulation), Heroism (Charisma), Hold (Manipulation), Rage (Manipulation), Suggestion (Wits)     (3) Complex Magic Weapon (Dexterity), Dominate (Manipulation), Geas (Charisma), Improved Charm (Appearance), Improved Sleep (Manipulation), Social Augmentation (any social attribute), Touch of Idiocy (Manipulation)     (4) Command Beasts (Charsima), Improved Despair (Manipulation), Improved Heroism (Charisma), Improved Hold (Manipulation), Mental Enfeeblement (Manipulation), Power Word Stun^ (Wits)   (5) Confusion (Manipulation), Mass Charm (Appearance), Mass Sleep (Manipulation), Mass Social Augmentation (any social attribute), Power Word Blind^ (Wits)

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