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Divination Spell Descriptions

First Circle Divination Spells

    Detect Magic: Detect presence of magic within 60 feet. One success is enough to detect active spells, but with a good roll, you can detect the residual magical aura of recent spells cast in the vicinity.Perception     Successes One: Magic is nearby   Two: Magic is divine or arcane in nature.   Three: That dagger is the source of the magic.   Four: That dagger has potent or weak magic   Five: That dagger has potent evocation magic involving fire.     Detect Poison: Detects presence of poison within 20 feet per success. Perception     Detect Secret Doors: Detects secret doors within 20 feet per success. Perception     Detect Void Creatures: Detects undead, Void demons, and other creatures powered by negative energy within 30 feet per success. Perception     Identify: Identifies magical items, their functions and command words. One magical item is examined per success and each casting taking a material component worth about 25 drams of reagents. Intelligence     True Strike: Caster’s next attack roll is at -3 difficulty unless you wait longer than your successes in minutes before making your next attack in which case the spell expires. Dexterity      

Second Circle Divination Spells

    Astral Sight (Detect Magic, Detect Void Creatures): See into the astral plane and material plane simultaneously for ten minutes per success. All non-Perception actions are at +1 difficulty due to disorientation while this is active. Perception     Clairvoyance/Clairaudience: See or hear things at a distance 200 feet per success roll. If you want to both see AND hear what’s going on, raise the difficulty by +1. Perception     Detect Thoughts: Read the surface thoughts of others for ten minutes per success, resisted by Willpower. Manipulation     Divine Analysis (Detect Void Creature): Detects the presence of divine magic, even the residual effect left over from old spells. More potently, this spell will not only detect divine power but identify the source. Spirit, mortal, holy site and which god or gods it involves. It also detects demonic activity. Perception     Sense Enchantment spell (any charm or dominate spell): The spell reveals if a subject is currently under the influence of foreign influences on their mind including charms, compulsions, or domination effects. This will also detect if the subject was recently under the effect of a spell going back a week per success. Perception     See Invisibility (Detect Magic, any one invisibility spell): Make a resisted roll to see invisible creatures. Caster’s roll is at -2 difficulty. Naturally invisible creatures resist with Willpower instead of a casting roll. Perception     Speak with Animals (per two dots of Animal Ken, rounded up): This allows the caster to speak with non-sapient beasts, though it doesn't mean the animals will automatically trust the caster.     True Direction: Caster gets a perfect sense like a compass for four hours per success. Knows the direction and distance of known landmarks. Intelligence      

Third Circle Divination Spells

    Contact Other Plane (Astral Sight): Contact a spirit and open up a conversation for ten minutes per success. Demons can be contacted at +1 difficulty though few are very chatty. Charisma     Floating Eyes: Caster gets floating eyes equal to the number of successes rolled plus one. These eyes move as the caster directs. If the caster has more floating eyes than their Wits attribute, their other actions are at +1 difficulty. These eyes are not invisible, they are about the size of an apple and have one health level. They are fast and small adding +2 difficulty to hit but do not have a defensive roll or soak. Wits     Hunter’s Mark: After making a touch attack you are able to unerringly track the target for one week per success. Wits     Legend Lore: Learn facts you never knew about the area you are in. Intelligence   Successes One: Pretty much everyone knows this, but it might be new to you if you are a stranger   Two: Known to a substantial minority of the area.   Three: Uncommon knowledge   Four: Obscure knowledge   Five: Extremely Obscure knowledge     Mental Augmentation: Target gains one dot of a mental attribute of the caster’s choice per success. You can take it all in one attribute or spread the successes out.   Maximum is the target’s normal trait maximum plus two. Raising an attribute above the maximum usually makes the target stand out as being obviously magically enhanced. Any mental attribute     Scrying: Scry on distant subjects. It requires a focus such as a scrying bowl or pool costing at least 50 gold pieces, but the focus is reusable though they are usually large and not very portable. This also takes at least ten minutes to cast.Perception     Telepathic Bond (Detect Thoughts): The caster can link a number of willing participants telepathically for one hour per success. The maximum number of participants is the caster’s Wits+1. Charisma      

Fourth Circle Divination Spells

    Detect Capability: Detect capabilities of target examined. Non-humanoid targets are at +1 difficulty. Target resists with Willpower at +2 difficulty). Perception   Successes One: Whether caster has divine and/or arcane magic powers. Subjects health levels and state of injury   Two: Subjects highest magical trait in dots. Whether or not the subject is being buffed by magic.   Three: Subjects combat ratings. The precise nature of magic buffs the target has.   Four: Subjects trait ratings in all magical traits     Improved Scrying (Scrying): As scrying but you can cast other divination spells through your scrying. Perception     The Ultimate Price (Empathy score of 3 or higher): Caster finds out what a target’s ultimate price is, at which he or should would do literally anything. For someone with low scruples it may simply be a large quantity of gold. In the case of very moral people this price could be something impossible like “I want all of my loved ones back from the dead.” The price could also be dark such “the head of the king who executed my father.” Even if you cannot meet the target’s ultimate price, knowing it can help in negotiations. Sometimes the ultimate price could be seemingly against the target’s nature. An evil lich could pine for a lost love of his living days or a kindly person could secretly desire bloody revenge. Perception      

Fifth Circle Divination Spells

    Improved Floating Eyes (Floating Eyes): As floating eyes, but your other divination spells work through the eyes and there is no disorientation effect for multiple views. Wits     Mass Mental Augmentation (Mental Augmentation): As mental augmentation but it affects two targets per success. Any mental attribute     Mind Blast: Caster makes contested roll (difficulty 6) against target's Willpower (difficulty 7) and the target takes one unsoakable level of bashing damage and one point of mental attribute damage for every success thecaster wins by. Range is 50 yards. At 51 to 150 yards, the spell can still be cast at targets in line of sight but the target resists at difficulty 6. Manipulation     True Seeing: Subject piercing mundane disguises, darkness, magical darkness, invisibility, polymorphs, blur, displacements, phantasms, and see into the astral plane among other things. Level three and for effects get a resisted roll at +2 difficulty. Level five effects get a resisted roll at +1 difficulty. Perception

Condensed Spell List

  (1) Detect Magic (Perception), Detect Poison (Perception) Detect Secret Doors (Perception), Detect Void Creatures (Perception), Identify (Intelligence), True Strike (Dexterity)   (2) Astral Sight (Perception), Clairvoyance/Clairaudience (Perception), Detect Thoughts (Manipulation), Divine Analysis (Perception), Sense Enchantment spell (Perception), See Invisibility (Perception), Speak with Animals, True Direction (Intelligence),   (3) Contact Other Plane (Charisma), Floating Eyes (Wits), Hunter’s Mark (Wits), Legend Lore (Intelligence), Mental Augmentation (any mental attribute), Scrying (Perception), Telepathic Bond (Charisma),   (4) Detect Capability (Perception), Improved Scrying (Perception) The Ultimate Price (Perception)   (5) Improved Floating Eyes (Wits), Mass Mental Augmentation (any mental attribute), Mind Blast (Manipulation) True Seeing (Perception)

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