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Illusion Spell Descriptions

When creating an illusory phantasm (something out of nothing) the successes rolled on the casting roll represent how well the caster projects their mental image onto the outside world. Sometimes a good casting roll is not enough. Illusions are limited by the knowledge and imagination of the caster.   If the caster has never seen a troll and only heard tales of trolls, his illusionary “troll” is not going to fool anyone who has seen a real troll no matter how many successes she rolled on the casting.   If there is any doubt of an illusionist ability to create an accurate image of something, roll Intelligence + Expression to recall the pertinent details of something he saw in the past in order to recreate an illusion of it. If the illusionist wants to make something artistically beautiful, roll Perception + Expression. If an illusion moves, creating realistic movement requires Wits + Expression.   You don't have to roll Expression on every phantasm, just if there is reason to doubt the illusionist's accuracy. An illusionist who is the daughter of a champion horse breeder doesn't need to roll to make realistic horse illusions. since she is basically a horse expert. A character who fought trolls on multiple occasions probably has zero problems making realistic troll illusions.  

First Circle Illusion Spells

    Blur: Caster looks blurry and is +1 difficulty to hit. Lasts three minutes per success. Appearance   Disguise Self: Change caster’s appearance for 30 minutes per success. Other willing targets can be affected but at +1 difficulty. Manipulation   Fake Magic Aura: Mundane object gains a fake magical aura for one day per success. Manipulation   Ghost Sounds^: Create simple unintelligible illusory sounds. Two minutes per success. Wits   Silent Image: Create a visual illusion with no sound or movement. Lasts until concentration stops plus one round per success. Manipulation   Ventriloquism^: Make your speech come from another location. One minute per success. Wits      

Second Circle Illusion Spells

  Illusory Script: Magically code writings against unintended recipients for two days per success, resisted with Willpower. Lasts two days per success. Intelligence   Invisibility (Blur, Disguise Self): Target becomes invisible for 15 minutes per success. Target become visible if they take an aggression action. Dexterity   Magic Mouth (Ventriloquism): Spell is permanent until a specific triggering event causes a message to be replayed. It can appear out of thin air or be superimposed on a painting or statue to make the item look like it is talking. The spell consumes about 10 drams of reagents. Intelligence   Mirror Image (Blur): Creates a duplicate of caster per success. Attacks on caster are randomized between different selves, illusory duplicates only have one health level and no soak. Lasts two minutes till success or until all the duplicates are killed. Wits   Noisy Image (Silent Image, Ghost Sound): Create a moving illusion with some simple sounds. Lasts until concentration ceases plus one round per success. Manipulation      

Third Circle Illusion Spells

  Complete Image (Silent Image, Ghost Sound, Noisy Image): Illusion image has complex sounds, movements, produces heat, and odor. Ceases when concentration ends plus one round per success. Manipulation   Expanded Invisibility (Invisibility): Invisibility for one target per success. Targets become visible if they take an aggression action. Last 15 minutes per success. Dexterity   Hallucinatory Terrain (Silent Image): Alters the terrain of an area for six hours per success. Intelligence   Illusory Wall (Silent Image): Creates a section of illusory wall, ceiling or floor that looks normal but may be passed through. This spell is permanent until the caster wills it away or the spell is dispelled. The caster can make a wall look brand new or weathered by centuries of erosion. The wall can be decorated with carvings or tapestries, roll Wits + Expression if the caster tries to do something elaborate. Requires 20 drams of regents per casting. Intelligence   Object Seeming (Silent Image): Object looks like something else of roughly the same size for two hours per success. Manipulation   Seeming (Disguise Self): As disguise self but it is not limited to the caster and effects three targets per success. Lasts 30 minutes per success. Manipulation      

Fourth Illusion Circle Spells

  Combat Invisibility (Invisibility): Target becomes invisible and spell is not broken if the target makes an aggressive action. Dexterity   False Scrying (Scrying, Scrying Ward): Create a false image against hostile scrying. Manipulation   Lasting Image (Silent Image, Ghost Sound, Noisy Image, Complete Image): Illusion image has complex sounds, movements, produces heat, and odor. Illusion lasts for one week per success rolled. Manipulation   Project Image (Mirror Image, Complete Image): Creates an illusory double of the caster that speaks, moves, and can cast illusory spells for ten minutes per success. Wits      

Fifth Circle Illusion Spells

  Duplicitous Invisibility (Invisibility, Combat Invisibility, Project Image): As invisibility, but spell simultaneously creates an illusory double of the caster which acts as the caster wishes for one minute per success. Manipulation   Mass Invisibility (Invisibility, Expanded Invisibility): As Expanded invisibility but it affects three targets per success and lasts 30 minutes per success. Charisma   Mass Veil (Seeming, Disguise Self): Caster can change the appearances of ten targets per success. Lasts one hour per success. Charisma   Phantasmal Killer: You conjure a phantasm of a target’s inner most fear. The caster only sees a greyish blob in the vague shape of the target’s fear. Target resists with Willpower at +1 difficulty. If the target fails the contested roll they are knocked unconscious. If the target fails the contested roll by three successes, the target is instantly slain. Manipulation   Programmed Image (Silent Image, Ghost Sound, Noisy Image, Complete Image): Illusion image has complex sounds, movements, produces heat, and odor. Illusion responds to stimuli in a matter set by the caster. Illusion lasts for one week per success rolled. Intelligence
(1) Blur (Appearance), Disguise Self (Manipulation), Fake Magic Aura (Manipulation), Ghost Sounds (Wits), Silent Image (Manipulation), Ventriloquism (Wits)   (2) Illusory Script (Intelligence), Invisibility (Dexterity), Magic Mouth (Intelligence), Mirror Image (Wits), Noisy Image (Manipulation)   (3) Complete Image (Manipulation), Expanded Invisibility (Dexterity), Hallucinatory Terrain (Intelligence), Illusory Wall (Intelligence), Object Seeming (Manipulation), Seeming (Manipulation)   (4) Fourth Illusion Circle Spells, Combat Invisibility (Manipulation), Lasting Image (Manipulation), Project Image (Wits)   (5) Duplicitous Invisibility (Manipulation), Mass Invisibility (Charisma), Mass Veil (Charisma), Phantasmal Killer (Manipulation), Programmed Image (Intelligence)


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